Purifcation energies intensify upon Equinox

Intense energies of purification and release pure in for our crescendo of Light on the Equinox. Solar Flare releases pour in effecting strongly our magnetics, our fields, our perceptions and purging our lower vibrations! Bring it on we say!
69289_10200857740714718_305249452_nAll that we have been working on within and on the higher planes will now bear fruit…and are. Inner work continues for us to align with our hearts, our truest Self. Be gentle with yourself. Be sure to allow your body some time in the sunlight.
Deep breathing. Breath is very important and brings us into the now, conscious, present and connected to think, speak and be the expression of love that we truly are.
New Earth Spring is about to burst forth on our entire planet. Spurts of growth showing in all aspects of our society, media, global finance, religion, governments, trades, politics, relationships, foods, pharmacy, …the Truth continues to prevail.
Know all is well. All is working in Divine Order…even though we each may feel like we are going through emotional roller coasters and head games…it is all of the remaining illusions giving each of us an opportunity to release attachments and what we “think” and “believe” we must and have to do.
God Shares – Relax, Release and Let go. Receive the vibrations of immense love that I share with my children of the Sun. Awareness, Awakening, Ascension all in motion for each in appropriate timing. Oneness is Always. Man is awakening to this vast Truth.

Love be to all.

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