Purification continues……

Purification continues….dear ones – these last two weeks mark a grand time of clearing and deep reflection. With the transition of a dear friend and mentor in the mix, has certainly added to the mix of discernment, multidimensional understandings, continued incoming bombardments of higher energies, yet more clearings and attempts to re-balance, all come back to a couple of key observations.

One, we are operating more and more (with and without conscious knowing) on several dimensional planes. And each one has a different set of rules! No wonder we are exhausted at times, or perhaps unclear one day and oh so clear the next.

Two, being in the moment is coming back to the forefront. With all the reflection, mind can go Back into the warehouse to pull up old paradigms. One can get lost in it. But moving beyond that mind chatter pattern that can pull us back into that, is for release. Moving back to center, to THIS MOMENT, is the power.

Three – Breathing. Day by day is becomes more of a tool of recharging, of moving these waves of energies through and keeping us in a place of power. With out breath awareness, I can get lost in shallow tense breathing and the energies can overwhelm me or keep me in an anxious state as they wait to be processed and hang in the aura and fields awaiting processing.

Four – Balance. Just like walking a tightrope, which each of us are, is is a constant effort to re-balance and re-align. With constant energies, shifts, frequencies, revelations, emotions, life, perceptions, tugs and pulls, inner work, outer work, etc., etc., etc., balancing is sometimes challenging.

Five – BE GENTLE with yourself and OTHERS. We each are at different aspects of ascension/expansion. No one is wrong. And no one is right. Polarity and duality exist, and is large forms for some as we clear our karma, our lessons, our reflections and operate in old ways and in the new ways of being. What a mix and journey we each share. Everyone is where they need to be and it may not look anything like your road, nor could it. We must be kind and gentle with our sisters and brothers and honor their path. And we must exhibit the same kindness to ourselves as we move into higher states of awareness, leaving the old messy stuff behind.

So find your joys. Check in on what you believe. Pull up your faith, trust and heart of hearts to return to love through all that is taking place. Bring in harmony. Laugh. Look at the continual paradoxes that show up. The contradictions. The truth, then another truth, then, yet another, and another. Love is the ultimate balancer. Love is all there is. Love heals. Love shifts. Love connects. Love is. Know we each are moving into being pure loving beings. It is a process. And it continues. And we have only begun what is in store for us this year. Choose love as it will carry us through all.


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