Purify Yourself


Time for shifting. Time for release. Time for purification. The path is getting narrower and narrower. We are preparing to hold every increasing vibrations of love!

As a human specie living unconsciously for so long, we have sought outside of ourselves for things, food, conditions, people, drugs, habits, movies, relationships, avoidances, environments, events and such to bring us to an momentary internal state of happiness, joy, feeling loved, content, calm, etc.

Always temporary. Unless…..we do the INNER WORK. The inner work of being honest with ourselves, our emotions, our needs and imbalances. We must address why we feel anything less than loving to ourselves and others. But it begins within.

Addressing and balancing and healing ourselves can appear in many many forms. We can choose not to do something that is not pleasing to us. We can see if what we say and what we are doing are matching up. We can review and make new choices. Say no when we really want to and be okay with it.

Perhaps it is reducing something. Maybe it is choosing more healthy food. Maybe it is saying a kind word to someone you avoided. We can take notice of a negative thought or emotion and look deeper….taking a gentle look to see why it is happening and can the cause be changed, forgiving, reframed, loved, let go, balanced, blessed, prayed for, laughed at, or understood.

The energy and pulse of our hearts and the planet are bringing us in alignment with love. There are more levels and vibrations of love that we currently are not aware of awaiting our embrace. But we must meet the first level of total and complete self love.

The world around us in small and large ways is showing that reflection to us. People are moving in this direction, although it may appear in many forms not readily recognized as such, change is at hand. Incremental shifts are occurring where people who lived in mental and heart shaded darkness are desiring equality on all levels.

Different aspects show up when inside the heart and mind – one says, no more. Saying, I know this is not love. I know this is not pure for myself or another. Change is happening first from within. Changing is happening and is growing in intensity. Change in living practices, change in communication, change in money, change in us vs them, change in food, change in community, change in being purposefully misinformed, change in our hearts is calling forth love.

We are living now what Jesus taught as a Loving Master of Light, love self and love one another – as they are the same. We are living now what Ghandi walked, taught and shared.
We are the Light of the World. We are the change we want to be.

The door to love is a narrow one, as we can not enter with baggage, ill thoughts, inconsistent actions and beliefs. Our hearts are to be open and pure. Love is Light. Nothing is hidden.

As we move towards love, it reflects to us, that which is not love. That which does not meet that same vibration. As we choose love, the Light of love reflects either more love and it expands or it shows us where love is needed.

Look within yourself and in your life, where and what needs wholeness. What requires purification, cleansing, balancing, cleaning.

We are guaranteed Love. Love of all that is. And we now are taking steps to embody that as a way of life. Of walking, talking and being what we believe. Love is not saying I love you and doing something at any other time to anyone or Self that is unloving. That is the Universal Law of One Love.

The conditions, the energies, the vibrations, the open hearts, the support is BETTER THAN EVER TO MAKE A CHANGE NOW! Quit smoking, eat better, drink more water, be more loving to self and others. Move away from toxic food, people, water, environments, media, beliefs, habits, etc. Take one step. Then another. Then another. Our inner positive will has been strengthened. Inner and higher vibrational support is upon us. Although unseen and undetected by most, that will shift. But, take an action and see if it is not much easier to make progress than perhaps the last time you thought about it and did not act on it because you had decided in your head that you would get the same results and it was not worth it. It is easier now. It is always “worth it”. Make the effort. Now IS different. There is more inner support. TRY IT!

Open your heart unto your Self. Feel the love that is there for you to work with to truly live from a loving place of love in action.

Action. Movement. Change. Alignment. = Elevation of your heart and soul. Sit with these words. Reflect and review. Then take your appropriate actions for your best treatment of you. One step at a time. Gentle. Purposeful. Heart guided.

Much love,
Renee and The One.

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