Questioning Beliefs

Cycles, choices and movement, despite extreme retrograde amplification is occurring. Reflection of self/Self continues to be of the utmost importance. Really being more accout-able than ever for every action we take, every thought we have. Sourcing the core of beliefs, all. What does that mean? Taking the time, to “sit with”, with non judgment and just in a sense of increased awareness and question, why a belief exists.

13226670_10209703295368056_3684117948892997267_nThis specific review, when performed with curiosity, willingness to change it if necessary, to challenge it, to find origination, truth or cause, opens us to see what we have not seen, just accepted as truth, fact, core belief, and then …then…then…we stand at a choice point of great magnitude, to give ourselves the power, ability to change, eliminate, discard, upgrade our beliefs – which is part of our CORE operating system.

Think about it. Feel about it. Ponder it. Bounce it around a bit. With humor, with deep regard for truth, for meaning. Does this belief hinder me? How do I feel about it? Am I empowered or dis empowered by it? And how may it help me? this can be on both ends of the spectrum. Some beliefs hinder us, yet always, and could be in this very moment of deeper questioning, finding out it is a place of opportunity, of lesson, of self growth and spiritual maturity.

We have heard this and know this…that many beliefs keep us limited, fear based, hesitant to have fuller experiences of our abilities, talents, life expression, purpose. But, do we ever really question ours and then take action, effort and conscious work to remove our belief thorns and impeding ones? Take one. Just look at one that stands out for you. Or one that you think may be “solid” …just to test its strength. The most rigid are frequency the ones based in opinion and bias over truth speaking to our own core need or place for greater growth as a human with heart intent.

A lot of beliefs are false, not true and self sabotaging. They arise from “something we always were told and heard” and have no basis EXCEPT in fear and limit with no truth of our own ability to not be limited. Beliefs, in personal exploration, are found to be specific to our places of emotional healing opportunities, of self expansion into that which we would “normally” not do or think to do or think or feel about our self.

Questioning and reviewing and then taking apart the pieces and origination of our belief(s) frees us. To think we can change a belief at ANY time and give us some room to grow. That little ole ant story is VERY true in its nature of teaching – if you think you can, you can; if you think you can’t you cant.

With appropriateness, love, soft focus and willingness to look at ones belief systems is very healing. Quite a place for giving one self an upgrade in ability, freedom, breathing room, new experiences, feeling what may have been squelched, hidden or in dark places.

QMTurn the Light on to be able to question everything. Truth stands. Loving inquiry reveals information to make more positive choices, supporting for our heart, our bodies and minds to improve more expansively our ways of living our life with more love, abilities not realized or utilized…all within us awaiting the removal of blocking, limiting, false, unreal, beliefs.

Love self in these way. Experience your Self in fuller ways. Experience the activity of this self inquiry and review process for coming into greater peace, harmony and true nature of the amazing potentialized beings we are.

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