Questioning everything

Heart Brain connection. Accept NOTHING because it is “feed” to you and the masses as “truth”. Accept nothing because “it has always been that way”. Be present in your body and heart mind and know the intention behind the words and or thoughts.

Use, practice, exercise the feeling part of your self. Question and feel within….is this truth?

Ask your body, your heart for it is connected to a higher science, an expanded connection beyond the11659401_10207348052968468_2313163954806936581_n finite mind and into that which is an overall unspoken, feeling space of a “living life line”.

Questioning anything is appropriate for nothing is to be hidden or confusing. Truth is clear and supports equality, love and is never something of separation. Practice “not thinking” and just feel. Reactive the feeling body, the feeling senses within for that reveals more of what is taking place over any words or motives that are no in line with what is being shared.

Question everything.
If true, it will stand as such and only gain firmer knowing and foundation.

Questioning is our right, our power, and a tool for picking through false and truth. Light and dark. Feeling truth, feeling love, feeling appropriatness in something will feel good, nuetral, easy within the body, from heart and the solar plexis. If not, then will feel no, uncomfortable, repelling feeling.

Trust your meter and use it often.

Practice, for the meter sometimes comes from the “gut” which is a physical fear meter and can be falsely triggered by memories within. it is the Heart and the FULL BODY feeling that is the one we want to groom and home into. Love yourself into these natural tools and process.

More will evolve from continued use. and it is FREE and when activated with purity, consistency, and practice, this “tool” assists in living in conscious knowing and more purposeful living without being outside directed, an inner directed from our highest Creator/God Self.

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