Questioning your self, your Self, your Selves

Questioning your spiritual Self (s) is our task for growing and evolving our Soul.  The journey that many are experiencing right now is the opening of the heart chakra.  This is a space and path of truth that is now beginning to flow with energies of love and self reflection that have not been available to man in the intense degrees that it is now and is ever increasing.

What does it mean?  What does it look like?  Symptoms, feelings, do you know?

It is many things.  First it is human evolution.  We, as a humanity, are awakening to higher levels of truth.  This is a place of fact, of science melding with spirituality, with consciousness experiences.  It is profound, yet the outside of our experience is evidencing what is taking place within us.

It appears as questioning ourself, our beliefs, what others have said, what we have been taught that may seem now…limited, untrue, belittling, separating, fear based, creating control, etc.  This goes beyond the comments of dismay with things…this goes beyond idle gossip and complaints, what is spoken of is a deep inner calling, a yearning, a desire within your mind, body and soul for a place of truth, of peace, of wholeness….or maybe you have not put a word to it…but you know something is different…than it ever has been.

Feelings of desiring to know more, to find greater more fulfilling purpose, a desire for peace, a desire to release some of the “ridiculous” rules, limits, taxes, governships, pill for everything, excess and imbalances in society, etc ” are coming into question at new and large levels.  From within, people…all over our world, in different countries, tribes, colors, languages, understandings, religions, educations, are showing and speaking similar new awarenesses.

So how can this be, if we are not all speaking the same language or come from the same background?  Because…it is coming from WITHIN!  The time is now for revelations and prophecies of good, of increased levels of consciousness expansion and awareness.  Science, HeartMath, Physics, and numerous new and long term studies, observations, tests, trials, and what have you are  documenting…in real time, in logical ways, in facts that our mind can understand…..that our earth vibration is changing and increasing, that our heart vibration is increasing and expanding, that we as a humanity are experiencing something so amazing and profound….yet we get lost in movies and what is not real so we may have a difficult time “believing” this process is taking place.  People we know as “famous” are experiencing these things and sharing….Oprah, Jim Carey, Will Smith,

Our bodies and make up are changing.  Mother Earth is changing.  As both are experiencing pains, aches, shifting, releasing, de-toxing, rearranging and more.  Our minds are experiencing old memories coming to surface to review for understanding, for forgiveness, for loving what is.  This is a time for each and all of us to find the path of love, forgiveness, compassion and peace.    Our bodies, our energetic bodies (this is science, we have fields of energy that our measurable and seen with special equipment that our eyes can not see) and it is these energetic bodies that are in quantum states (just a super fast vibration that our physical eye is unable to detect) yet nonetheless, it is these bodies where we hold patterns of energy, of “codes” if you will that manifest as our Being and state of being.

Hindus, Vedas, Sufis, Toa, Enoch, Jung, Plato, Pythagoras, Jesus, Ghandi, Paul the Venetian, Mayans, Indians, Thoth, Aborigines,  Rumi, and countless other wise people, wise beings, learned beings, exceptionally expanded consciousness people all through our human evolution have shared the “secret” to gaining govern-ship over our Self, our consciousness and move into realities of love, of self healing, of community, of harmony. It is to go WITHIN your own consciousness.  Many speak of these times we are in NOW, from many ancient tribes, cultures, elders all over the world come together to speak the same knowingness.  It may be hard to believe, yet it is coming into our reality, one heart at a time.

The process is about ending the world as we know it to be… a conscious limited reality, not Armageddon, not the Apocalypse, not rapture.  This was the path, but as all things are in a state of motion and we have free will, and a Living God that speaks to our hearts directly and not necessarily in books where as evolving beings, have had the grand opportunity to shift and elevate our reality and potential.  We have chosen the higher path!  Good for us!  We are moving into a New Reality, a New Earth, a New Consciousness Experience.

So if you are questioning who you are, why you must live in a controlled space, with limits, rules, judgment, lack or excess, or have the desire to feel free, free of being, desire to experience feeling love, feeling good all the time without external ups and downs shakin your inner world, then this is what I speak of and share.  My personal experience has been over the top, self evidenced, test, and continues to be, yet aligning with many other around our beautiful planet Earth and finding we speak the same language….that of love, cooperation, peace, joy, harmony, community and the desire for all humans to know this path that is now taking place and how to get on it.  How to be aware, how to do the inner work necessary, how to be self responsible and self accountable.  Again, many ways it shows up, yet there are certain aspects each one of us must do.  And this comes from within…..

Other stuff that may show up for you… may have physical pains, or memories of long ago coming up, or you may feel very emotional at times without reason.  Perhaps you want to sleep for days and days or on the other end, can’t sleep much or wake up a lot.  Feelings of anxiety, increased fears come up, or sadness or urgency to do something, be somewhere…but not sure what or how.   Or you feel different, can’t put your finger on it and are shy, or embarrassed to share…because those around you make not be experiencing this quite yet or are revealing it.

The inner nudges show up differently for everyone and the unfoldment is personal and self timed so no experience is identical to another, yet there are similarities, but the inner experience will differ.  You may have trouble with your stomach, digestion, desire for more or less food or different foods.  You may just want to sit in the sun and do nothing and just be.  You may experience an unusual piece of missing time, or it going very fast, or forgetting what day it is….(more than normal in our busy worlds).

All of this is called “awakening”, ascension, personal expansion, soul growth or expansion of consciousness.  Earth’s vibration is increasing, the vibes coming to us from the solar system (God’s kingdom sorta speak) is sending us vibrations, sounds, frequencies that are unlocking that dormant DNA science has termed for a long time as “junk” because the scientific community was unable to identify it.  That DNA is quantum and holds our key to our changes on many levels.

So, I hope this helps you to better know on a personal and grand scale what is happening, or to consider it.  Look around you.  Look within you.  Feel the perceptions shift.  Are you moving away from discord, do you just want peace and quiet?  Or do you feel angry…either way, as these vibrations come into our “fields” that of our own bodies and the body of Earth, all must shift and align with a higher vibration of Light.  And all things that are not of this purer and ever increasing flow of vibrations, will come to view, to awareness for harmonizing, for balancing, for releasing as the New vibration is that of love and peace.  That is what we are moving to and that is why our world is experiencing so much shifting and people are in streets around the world desiring (not always showing yet in a loving manner..yet) that respect, truth, fairness and honor is desired.  This is true and has been ongoing for a while, but very heavily for about 30 years with ever increasing intensity and awareness.

A Lot said.  I open this door for you to walk through, to contemplate.  For this is a grand and good thing.  Not one to threaten or put one into fear.  We have been living in a dense space of time and energy for thousands of years and now we are coming to a place we have never been…and yes, it may sound to good to be true, but it is our truth.  It is time we know it and prepare the way.  Our spiritual truths are coming into being…in this now time of our existence.  And I share these truths with you for you to open your hearts, your inner eyes and see the positive aspects, to meditate, to spend time in silence, to go within…this is and has been the “secret” taught and shared for eons of time.  It takes self discipline and time to get past the chatter and doubts and busy mind, but I say to you, within you is the connection to who has created us and we are ever ready to connect in amazing ways and to know the truth of all that is….as we can handle it, piece by piece, as we can assimilate it….and it is a truth of a Love of Self, of God that man, that you, me and ALL are ready for.

This is a grand process and more to come.

Love be to all on this most amazing feat we as a humanity are expanding into.

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