Receive into the heart

Receive into the heart that which is bellowing forth to you. Allow it to flow through your front and back heart chakra. Receive the Light codes that endlessly pour forth for humanity’sheart receiving awakening. Ever more specific and purposeful to each of us. Turn towards this potential, not away. We have a choice. Anything or part of us that does not wish to turn towards love, our natural state of being, is that which just needs more love to release the holds, the fears, the patterns, the old codes of our prior path of lesson. We move now into higher service. Denial only prolongs that which is the everlasting truth that is coming forth.
Truth = Creator. Love = Creator. Trials, tribulations, challenges, all part of the path of lesson and you can step out of it at any time. NOW is our time for realizing in our hearts that we are living light in a body. More than what is written, more than what is known, beyond self actualization, beyond God realization, it must be the embodiment by each of us. Grand awakening continues as lightening speed. Creator, God, The One, Universe, that which can’t be named, yet is honored in anyway we do, loves us without measure and is us. This ONE of all is us in many bodies and things. Multiple experiences of reality are to be had. Take a breath and tune into that which is more, that which is you, that which is love, that which is the Omnipotent One.
Blessings Be to all upon this day. This day and all days, holy because you are in it.


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