Receive the bounty of Heaven

Divine Plan is unfolding.  Behind the scenes of Mans immediate view, media falsehoods of scare and debit.

We are WELL TAKEN CARE of with bounty to unfold.  First it MUST be conceived within ones being.  Beyond debt forgivenesswinning the lottery, but knowing and realizing our sovereign right of abundance and sharing of all good things. There is plenty of everything for every one.

How are you at receiving?  I have been tested and so working on the ability to receive. A gift comes, something is given in small and large ways, the worthiness, the inner space of not being able to take something given in love, to cry from within – a program releasing…surfaces.

Practice speaking and accepting ALL offerings. All words of kindness. All gifts of love, in various physical forms money and beyond.

We must give and receive freely for this is the Law of the Circle.  Not just money, but of time, of pure intention be and do good, not for reward for self.  As we do this FREELY in all ways, of thought, heart, intention, mind, soul, physical, tangible, we find we have everything.

There is an abundance of ALL upon this planet.  The system created to control, limit and deceive is crumbling.  Truth emerges.  Love reigns supreme.

Love – Light – Source – God – Infinite One –  Universe – All That Is – ever present in our NOW time.

Embrace.  Believe.  Accept. Allow.  Pull it forth for ALL. This is key.

Do not for the personal self, but for ALL upon this planet. That intention, that action, WILL and IS bringing forth a New Way of Living in Truth upon this planet.

Blessed be every One upon this Planet.

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