“Enlightenment is the journey back from the head to the heart.” ~Ravi Shankar ♥


Use as needed and always filter through your heart.

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Ascension – The Choice
Exercise your freedom of choice for ascension

Ascension Symptoms
The signs of the shift in our minds, bodies, emotions and experience

Ascension and Personal Expansion
Human Evolution

Awakening – Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey shares his personal expansion experience

Conscious Language
The power of our words, thoughts and intentions

Earths Vibration and Consciousness
relationship of of vibration, of transformation


Energy Management – 
Auric Field, Breath, Quiet times of Intent

Language of Light
Spoken and unspoken energies of creation

Light Pictures
Pics of Energy, Sun, Color

Free Meditation – HeartSpace
Enjoy a 5 minute space of creating powerful Self Love

Music Videos
Vibrations and harmonics for elevating your Being  suggestions…..

New Reality – What to expect
A quick list of New Reality Awareness

Pineal Gland
Seat of the Soul – Cosmic Connection


Raising your Personal Vibration – Living more Consciously
A list of 99 ideas to live more consciously