What is Ascension – Personal Expansion

What is Ascension?  What is Personal Expansion

About Ascension

It is our natural process of moving into a higher, Divine version of our human Self.  It is Human Evolution!

Ascension – Personal Expansion of our Human Being Self.   The experience of intentional choosing to expand one’s consciousness. It is the integral experience of moving towards integration of Spirit into Matter.

Within each of us are codes of Light, DNA, cellular and energetic matrices that await activation that move us into remembrance of who we truly are.  It moves us into a knowingness that is deep, personal, profound, magical and holy.

You begin a process of aligning to Truth that is in your higher heart.  Walking the path of Higher Heart Living is about expanding your heart, soul and consciousness.  This is a path that brings you to self mastery.  One that you become a beacon of Light capable of self healing, energy management, conscious manifestation and creative, loving and joyous living.

OR….perhaps said another way

ascension/expansion is our natural process of returning to an expanded level of consciousness and knowingness based in LOVE.   .  The frequency of love.  🙂

Our earthly experience is based upon the vibration/frequency we are able to create/hold for ourselves.  This is a new thought for many as we have not looked at ourselves as humans in that way of measurement.   Our purpose is to raise our vibration, piece by piece in various ways (lessons) to obtain greater awareness, understanding, ability to love, self heal and master creating our own reality – our living experience.  Most of this has been via “lessons” of learning and choosing a more loving outcome…for ourselves and others. (lower vibrations are experienced as fear, grief, anger, pain, guilt, low self worth, etc)  We are releasing whatever beliefs, thoughts, experiences, etc that keep us from being a loving expression of Self.