Rest. Time for weighing in of humanity’s vibration

Truth in Light!  10-1-13
Peaceful Day. We are in a time of “rest”. Of assimilation. Of “catch up” for all. It is a time of just being and enjoy. No hard physical exertion. Allow the body, mind and all energy bodies to just be. Playfulness is good! We have worked and loved hard! Through all the reflections, releasing, efforts, lessons, allowing, being, doing and not doing, inner/outer work ancat_restingd on and on and on, we are emotional contortionists! Love is the grand equalizer and the healer. Love is the frequency we each are attuning to! Our hearts and souls know the song and sound of Creator. Now, we rest on the path. WHEWWWW!!!!

As this purposeful place of space allows all souls to be weighed and measured for collective frequency. We, humanity, as a soul group, are at the Grand Scale of taking energetic account of our Light. The time required is not given for all to catch up in their efforts of expansion. We have accomplished incredible upgrades and this is a time of grand joy and celebration – tune into this vibration. FEEL the expectation of that which is unfolding and that which is to be realized as positive massive change and reorganization in your way of living, being, expressing and creating!

relaxing11Rest, replenish the body. Be in nature and feel the loving support, the fragrant of living love light that is our sustenance for being.
As this record and account is taken, we are then blessed with further heaven’s blessing before all collectively take THE STEP into higher Golden Light. All is well. All is perfect and Divine. We are receiving loving endless support, assistance and preparations from our Galactic Families. The numbers are beyond “E” on the calculator! Love Reigns!

Be kind. Be loving. Be the blessing in action for yourself and others. Be in peace. Radiate love and vision it as a pink soft mist engulfing all places, all regions, all countries, every person, no matter their current role in this life, judge not, for all are made of creators Light and even though discord is seen with the eyes, all hearts are opening to greater levels of love. belove001It is by YOUR own free will and selfless ACTION to send out loving thoughts, intentions, prayers, energies, frequencies, words that help those you may speak or see as bad or wrong, to feel the love of the Creator coming through a selfless human that may be THE key for them to open their heart to Light.

Be the change. Live the change. You are creating and bringing peace and love in your world as a daily minimum vibration. Love Reigns. Thy Creator pours his/her love forth endlessly. Drink from this bottomless cup and share with all without limit and so shall you be that of Love in Action.

Blessings be to all upon this Holy Day.



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