Sarcasm’s disguise

Words have power and energy. And speak to our ability to manage Self and take accountability for what we create. From our heart space when we communicate with love and compassion, sarcasm is absent and never enters the picture. thoughts become thingsWhen we are centered in our true nature, the golden rule is not only practiced but is inherent in all ways.

“Sarcasm is not just heartless, but is cruel — in it we target whatever we can in the other to belittle or make fun of in circumstances that usually are far from funny. Sarcasm means that we’re not only being aggressive but also shaming, building ourselves up by trying to tear down the other, perhaps taking some pleasure in doing so.

Robert Augustus Masters has this perspective that lends to greater reflection of our words…even in jest.

“However short-lived it may be, sarcasm creates relational distance, so that later on we might find that our “target” has put up some sort of a barrier against us, even if they’re being otherwise loving toward us. This may not be an act of retaliation, but simply a result of feeling on guard around us, especially if they’ve not received any genuine apology from us for our sarcasm toward them. Left unattended, sarcasm is an intimacy-destroyer.”

Sarcasms is a mask.  It has a hidden agenda.  It is packaged in darkness, packed in trifle jester to joke and speak negatively, offensive, judgmentally and hurtfully to another while “disguised” and trivialized to be…joking…”no big deal”.

This is not based in love.  No  It is darkness cloned under another name.  It seeds hurt, belittlement, criticism and separation into others, into the mass consciousness and builds walls.

Our words are powerful. In general society and culture honor, respect, honesty, gentleness, intimacy, discernment are many times scorned upon and put down as prudent when in fact, that is the very techique used so ones are not accountable for ones actions of disrespect for self and others.  To make it seem “okay” for their own lack of responsible and respectful behavior and consideration of others.

The universal laws are clear if one chooses to simply see them…what we say and think are energy and creation tools.  What we give out we seed and we get back our harvest.

Let us cultivate our inner house with love and honor of self and therefore we do so to others, to respect, uplift and honor life.

Grow our gardens inside and out with purity, love, understanding and our gardens seed each other over and over again creating a strong foundation that nutures and grows us into more.

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