Seeing what you Believe is the tool for Now

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”
— Henri Bergson

We are asked to believe before we see.  This is a test of our hu-manness to surrender to the Divine Will and walk the path in faith, in knowing, of expectation of all that is.  Expansion of our soul Self is becoming more aware of what is already there.  Yet, our eyes literally will not see what we do not believe. How many things are happening right before us now in our worlds that yet, many can not, or will not SEE what is already there.

It is believing.  It is the expectation of seeing the good, the knowing that we are whole, knowing we are emerging into greater levels of consciousness and Light.  We are seeing lights, colors, acts of loving kindness, shifts in reality, shifts in the earth, shifts in the atmosphere, shifts in the sun, lights in the skies, we SEE these things…yes…no?   We see hearts opening, we see we are more sensitive to harshness, unfairness, mis-truths, separation….

We are seeing that we are gravitating to a more loving way, walking through the chaos, thru the tests and illusions, thru the weather, thru the finances, thru the securities issues, thru the health, we see there are miraculous changes taking place all at once…beyond our norm…..  Acknowledge it and EXPECT to SEE the LOVE overtake all people, situations, thoughts, actions and outcome.  SEE GOD/LOVE in action and prepare yourSelf for more to come.

It is time to step into the eyes of God and see before us the love actuating.  We are powerful creators…and in our minds, in our imagination, in our belief, in our HEARTS, these all come together to bring forth that which we see from within.  A world of Love and cooperation, fellowship, LIGHT, heart opening, giving and sharing, creating, joyful existence, collaboration, understanding, compassion, respect, honorment, playfulness, healthy, lightheartedness, colorful living, equality, abundance, sustenence, beauty to behold, thriving, vibrancy, simplicity, freedom, truth, expression of being, peace, peace, peace, happiness, glory, benevolence, being.

We are your Family of Light and speak as one of you….for that is what we are.  That is what you are.  WE are Light.  We are energy.  We are immortal.  We are Love.  We are you.  You are us.  We are One.

Love and Blessings to each of you upon this holy day!
Expect to see the miraculous…
The One.

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