Self seeking Self

Truer than true. Recent lesson/understanding/remembrance is not to “seek”, anticipate, etc. To be. To be present in this moment in ones highest heart expressive nature. Aligned with the will of good/God/Creator/Nature/Divine Essence. To be in present moment not focused on past or future. To work, heal, clear, focus, self correct, upgrade, align with that which is support of all life, respectful, loving, honoring, in truth, in openness, in peace, compassionate.

14590416_10210990946078519_84776170611908641_nIn this space of energy of science, of Divine Law, we will always experience in the now moments and upcoming now moments that which is perfect for the experience and that which of the Divine Plan, not what we think, or want to create for self. This is our New Earth unfolding before us.

VERY different than major teachings of create the life you desire, do for self, be all you can be and take all you can, have it all, law of attraction, see and vision for self all you want. This is a DARK teaching of self service and is trickery.

We need not per se CREATE that which is already created in Divine perfection truly beyond our understanding. Our job, our task of

consciousness development and expression is to align with the higher laws, live within them and in these expanding realities we express and experience the Divine plan already in works. We align with our part of expression and contribution and in THAT way we co-create with the higher forces of Light.

Take time to meditate upon. Go to in inquiry to see and feel this. Take what serves. As we open hearts at ONE level of endless to be opened, many get “stuck” at the very first thinking that is “IT” and all there is and that is not so…MORE to do…MUCH more. Astral bliss, love and light syndrome, ultra spiritual, better than, delusion, feel good energies, without discernment, balance, deeper work can keep one still in astral realities that are part of the journey but not our highest expression nor are they the “goal” or sign of spiritual development reached…in fact the astral is a very delusional plane consisting of ALL states of pain, fear to dreams, projections, interludes with beings and that which may appear to be Masters, teachers, friendly beings from other places and well…..not so. Hence the work to move beyond and master this opening phase of the heart that leads to some very deep work and inquiry of ones s/Self. This is the path for each, no way around it and it strengthens us, awakes us, informs us, gives us great training on dark and light, true history and our own magnificent Self and our potentials. This is just the 4th dimensional experience of endless. Don’t stop here. Don’t get caught in Astral bliss, where all is love, love, love. God is love, and more with balance and knowledge, self knowledge, equalization with all life, communication with higher intelligence, NO EGO, no self aggrandization, not polar, not fixated on any one thing, activity, modality, group, etc. All encompassing.

Create space for self. Take all that resonates and leave the rest. For the journey of self unfoldment at this time takes ALL we have in time, energy, courage, commitment, love, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, rest, review, non judgment, experience, assimilation, integration, awareness, observation, effort, release, allowance, tolerance….and more….

We are in this together. There is more. Much more. Go deeper. Release. Open heart. Feel. Feel. Feel. Listen to that which is within the heart. Ones inner voice of Self.

To each, love, understanding, peace and realization of truth,
Renée Snider


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