Service to Others

Purity. Heart Service. Service to others. (STO)

Never sell self or anything. Open source living and our potential to return and live as free and sovereign beings speak to us to share, demonstrate and live naturally and freely in exchange of ideas, services, support.

Service to others is a Divine attribute of our highest expression. This activity seeks to express itself through us naturally and for the good of all without thought of self for any agenda, intention, money, gratification or else. It seeks for harmonious outcome only. This is a return to our divine blueprint. Our inherent way of living. Our old systems will and are coming apart as these Laws of Truth return into our consciousness base reality structure.

Force, push, sale, drive, masterplan are revealing itself in new ways to be seen as false and of manipulation tactics. This is derived from darker forces wanting control and Divine Spirit and heart intent is never controlling. The task we have before us on the small scape and large world scape is how to move into open sourced systems of appropriate exchange of service to continue to “pay the bills” until the truth and expansion into a system of more integrity is modeled.

We share what works for us. We can share our expertises, we offer our abilities, our creations, our usefullness and purposeful artforms, services, tools, etc with intent for the greater good, not for “making money”. The intent is a core component here. For whatever the intent is paints the energy of the exchange and underlying energy expansion or drain.

With careful inner reflection, regrouping, inner house clearing and cleanings, upgrading into higher levels of integrity and living in value of life and respect and truth, our exchange systems, our services naturally elevate into meaning, purpose, appropriate support and purpose over climb the ladder, get the brass ring, be the best seller and other false egoic spirit numifying activities.
Utilizing from the heart, in purity and truth, nothing hidden and all aspect open and of true purpose and support of all life will renew us individually and collectively and supports the way of being within the Cosmic Sovereign Laws.

During these times of individual, group, world, cosmic reflection of how we can be of service to the whole for the good of all. Let us look within and seek divine wisdom from our heart over any lower separative or harmful emotions or thoughts.

Our opportunity, humanity’s opportunity is happening in these now moments for upgrading our individual choices and ways of living to effect the whole.

Every action, thought and intention matters. You matter. You have value, purpose and are a sacred tool of the direction of how Source Light flows into expression into these matter worlds. What a amazing thing to know, to be and to take into accountability!

Positive change is at hand in every moment. Let nothing fear you or threaten your inner loving choices for good. The path of good, the path of that which is right action for every person is our ability, option, service and purpose.

Let us be love.

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