Heart Harmonix Session

Higher Heart Harmonix Session


 Sound Healing Session

CAM03376As vibrational Beings – we are hyper sensitive to sounds as they effect all of our bodies, our senses, our health and well-being.  Intentional Frequencies can attune us back into harmony on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  After you have been bathed in sounds and harmonics that support you, you feel relaxed, peaceful and joyful.  Easily moves you into a higher state of well-being.

Sacred Space is created.  You are a held in loving light and honored.  In this space while laying on a most marshmallowy down covered massage table, close your eyes and the journey in sacred sound begins.

An experience of transformation, healing, expansion.  Frequencies for attuning your energetic fields, your auric bodies, your chakras, your energy centers, your physical body and your heart center, organs, tissues, cells….all of you.  There is nothing that is not effected by sound.

Deeper you go within with a divine guided soothing flow of  harmonics, frequencies, tones and vibrations.  Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Crystal pyramids, crystal tones and Dolphin Bowls to soothe your mind and energetic bodies.  Most refreshing to all senses!

crystal bowl spiralChimes, tones, rain stick, ancient bells, melded with vocal harmonics of specific frequencies for awakening dormant DNA, DNA healing and repair, heart expansion all of Ancient Angelic flow.  Additional audible harmonics  of tuning forks and  energies, blessings and visible and ethereal colors of creation for harmonizing, clearing and attuning your energetic matrix, your auric fields and your Light Body.

It is a deLIGHTful experience of holy service that provides deep healing, alignment and integration. In these times of grand transformation, this space of sound, color, frequency, light, vibration and Language of Light work with only one purpose of bringing wholeness to your Sacred Self. It is literally a Divine hue-man “tune-up”!


Sharing from the heart – Sessions are 30 and 60 minutes
All contributions of abundance exchange are welcomed.
Thank you. (Please note which service and length please)