The Lighted Path – Personal Expansion Mentoring


Lighted Path – A space we walk together.

Spiritual Mentoring*

As one awakens, there are  many overwhelming feelings, questions, and insatiable desire to know more.   Once we find that we are more than our body and have a purpose and connection to all things…we want to remember, we want to know more and we want to feel it and be it! 

It is a process of personal expansion and unfoldment through remembrance, through self work, inner reflection, utilizing tools and practices and re-discovering our true origin and potentials! This is a path for your empowerment. This is not a dependent creating relationship, nor guru, etc. Nor do I have ALL the answers.  I share with you that which is my personal truth and awakening on this journey and from my own experience.  What a joy this journey is and it is my joy to walk this path with you if you so desire.

This is a personal space for those deeply desiring to connect to their Heart and unmask their Truest Self  with commitment and loving intent.  This is to empower you to unlock your highest aspects and validate your Truest Self. 

You are lovingly mentored to know and claim your wholeness, Your God inheritance, your Sovereignty.

We each are Divine Beings returning and expanding to ever increasing layers and levels of increased wisdom, experience accessing our greater Self

The intention is to share and provide a regular connection of support, feedback, experience, tools, as one expands.  You will be guided to find your own space of knowing,of resonance within.  To grow and be mentored in your equal space of expansion and personal brilliance.

394897_531613320202354_2071256042_nI AM diligently here to support you in multiple ways, answer questions, share experiences, provide direction, connection and answers from your Guiding teams, share resources, references, tools, practices, processes, energy management techniques, connections, audio support, mp3s and more.

YET, all must be resonate with your own being. This is to help you tune into your own DIVINE CONNECTION to your Highest Self for free will choice, discernment, and Heart knowing and connection.

One needs to be open, willing, free to listen, to review, and open doors within. To feel, to see, to look deeply for that which has been hidden.

This is a relationship and connection that attends to your brain and rational mind needs yet, it also deeply addresses the inner aspects of the heart and soul with evidenced and profound energetics and shifts. 

This truly is a path for One who is ready to awaken to a higher dimensionality of living and consciously connect with their inner wisdom and Divinity. 

Heart-in-BoxMiraculous shifts occur, perceptions change, new truths unfold and all is validated from within YOU. That is the highest and most important validation is you evidencing the truth from within your own heart and consciousness.  It is a most beautiful space of alchemy. 

This IS the process of Ascension and is happening to me and many!  We are living in times of great blessing and massive positive change.   To experience it, we must actively and consciously choose it.  We must evolve our own bodies, minds and souls.  That is our job and one that reaps benefits beyond our human understanding and expectation.  It is so very exciting, amazing and empowering!

Details for beginning….

Intention is for connection  2  times per month for 3, 6, 9 12 months with phone contact.   Each call is about one hour or more and  recorded so you may relisten for further insights, take notes and to continue to receive the energies of the Language of Light.  Included is email connections, follow ups, tools, feedback, resources, information, practices, audios, etc.

cropped-WingedLotus.jpg  Email me to begin inquiry upon this service to confirm agreement and commitment between you and myself, to set clear intent.  I intend us to be fully present and engaged in all aspects of this path.  I look forward to walking this most amazing journey with you now.   

This mentoring service exchange is monthly for any frequency chosen of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.  Each are based upon two direct connections per month and all follow up support materials, processes, audios, practices, etc.

$202 per month.     

If there is a desire for a different frequency, option, please inquire.  Most important is to provide a path that is agreed upon for the service that ensures both parties are equally served in the exchange.  I am open to that which supports and empowers you at this time of great change, internal challenge and discernment to know God, truth and sovereignty.


It felt like I found a friend, someone who understands what I am going through and why. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful session it was yesterday. Afterward, I felt so much better. I needed this and the emotional purge felt so good! It is an exciting time and I am so happy and ready to be part of it.”   L.G.

What is a Mentor?  A mentor is One who supports another in obtaining that which allows them to be self sufficient in that which is being shared.  The Mentor is one is demonstrates, masters, embodies that which they teach.  Always learning, yet there path is evidenced by their fruits of their efforts.  A Mentor shares the wisdoms, tools, course of actions, practicums, experiences for bringing one to their OWN self actualization and realization.  One is lovingly supported, guided and nurtured on the journey, yet the journey is that of the Mentoree and requires open heart, open mind and sincere desire for higher truths.