Sessions of Light – Groups and Private Gathering

Sessions of Light

Group in person or phone or skype

(2-4 people )
(for friends, families and those in agreement to be together
to receive insight and energies in the presence of each).


Heart-in-BoxSharing from the heart – Sessions are 30 and 60 minutes
All contributions of abundance exchange are welcomed.
Thank you. (Please note which service and length please)


Host a Intimate Sacred Gathering or Circle of Light or Grand Community space of love expressed.   Forums for Q & A with the Councils of Light, Meditative journeys, Retreats with the Masters and energetics of Divine Grace.

Share the Light!  Let’s create space for expansion of our Divine Self, for adoration of Creator, for sharing the energies of love!   If this resonates with you, I love to share the Divine and love to travel and be of service.   Call 214-533-1013 and let’s co-create a Light portal of love in your space, community, retreat, forum, event or .  Whether inspirational, educational, experiential or demonstrative, all for the purpose of bringing for the awareness, understanding and participation of ascension and establishment of a New Earth based in love.  

I am IN JOY and on purpose as to this Divine unfoldment, this mission and it’s now time to get this party started!