Sky suprise for Magical March on its way

Received on 3-2

starsoflightAsteroids and other “space debris” in the photonic belt bring much in the way of smaller bursts of very specific and purposeful energies for mankind. Each affecting various groups of starseeds to awaken even more.  Wave after wave after wave of energies are pounding in for further escalation and awakening of mankind.

What is the celestial event that is spoken of that is what the company of heaven is awaiting?  This a star show as you know it to be.  A vast field of shooting stars, of energetic bursts of living light to rain in your skies.  It will be quite the bright show and will appear at various spaces around your planet in the night skies.  Many asteroids and small meteorites will we say, will come into your fields and not be anything predicted or known to look for..that is part of the surprise and of course the magical awareness energy that they bring to all.  It is another layer and level of awakening of unraveling and almost reversing that which man has so tightly woven for himself of the illusion.

The hold of the illusion yet remains strong for many and it is time to take another leap forward.  Soul level …is all agreed upon..   ALL are ready to move in quick and swift order forward…  there is nothing that stands in the way of God’s light moving forward and availing itself to all beings for attainment of enlightenment and ascension. A time scale as you know it to be is the journey based on vibration, free will choice, diligence, constancy, open heart, trust, faith and surrender…as you well know.

Look to your skies for Cosmic displays of Lights, of intelligence, of the Magic that is now for all as your New Earth unfolds before you and evidences your work on the inner planes.

Be in joy!  Be in love with life!  Be and Receive.



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