Soul Self Emerges

This Is our truest Self. Although covered in illusion and darkness, this time of consciousness evolution, return to the true state of “humanity” and Divine Nature, through growth, reflection, inner work, upgrades in values, choices AND inner reconnection to Divine Source brings us to this awareness.
15747798_10211915380908812_4320122257114548894_nWe continue to be in ever increasing heightened states of transformation – ALL humanity preparing and moving into Soul body state awareness. Do not fear or resist. Much forgiveness, self love, observing, releasing, allowing Self to self heal from pain, torments, false truths and illusions of separation must occur.
Quiet time. Stillness. Peace. Time to cultivate the heart connection for inner wisdom, knowing and counsel. NEVER listening to the thoughts generated by ego and perpetual programs of lies, self belittlement and less than.
WE are in the MIDST of grand stages of transformation. It is a LONG PROCESS that requires EACH of us to go WITHIN SELF. To be honest with self and to BALANCE and HEAL that which has been painful, out of integrity.
This is a TIME OF SPIRITUAL MATURITY, whether the lower self WANTS it or not, our HIGHER SELF and GOD TIMED CYCLES deems it to be so.
We can be the rebellious child caught in the illusion of selfish needs, wants and desires. Media, false spiritual teachings, academia, new age, religion, dogma, stories upon stories, false ideals, hypes, gurus, etc teach of self serving activities and bliss. FALSE ASCENSION (FAM) matrix is this. The process of “moving up our chakras – our dimensional consciousness experiences” is one of balancing polarity, and moving though the 4th heart chakra – which unfortunately on our planet has been compromised as much else has as well.
What does that mean? First, KNOW that CREATOR does not allow manipulation – as we have free will we allow and experience what we allow and choose, hence PART of our living experience has been outside manipulation and part of “not highest choices” and caught in lower consciousness cycles without growth, truth or the opportunity to balance.

Bliss is the state of the astral heart and where many beings especially ones of the awakening path, the “new age” spirituality get “stuck” without knowing it. It is a VERY tricky place as it is full of mirrors of illusion, of all realities and keeps one in bubbles of happy self serving illusion while gaining some and siphoning ones precious increased “light” abilities, energy.
When astral heart is reached, it seems that one has “made it” to a place of spiritual progression, for it FEELS good. Hence it works on the ego, pain and pleasure centers and service to self. Ones still not congruent with word and action. It STILL is a crucial part of our lesson, of growth, of greater awareness. One must SEEK beyond this for complete purity, balance, neutrality, love, compassion and completely and totally accountable for all words, thoughts, actions and results.
The Divine Process of Ascension, of consciousness growth, when accessing into the 5th dimension (yes, also compromised and YES, there is a divine plan around it….this IS CREATOR SCIENCE) brings one into ones Higher Self, aka Mentor Self. This is a WONDERFUL space, for one ACTIVATES an inner guidance system of SELF that has ONLY one best interest at hand. When “listened to” and worked with, one upshifts choices, behaviors, relationships, activities and finds more meaning and connection to the living experience. One ultimately melds with ones own higher aspects becoming increasingly more kind, knowing, aware, compassionate, wise and finding purpose and in consideration of all life and every choice and its impact on all.
Seek within that which is truth. For this is a NATURAL process. Our outer worldscape is the role playouts of the lower realms which continues to bring more and more into choosing OUT of the polarities, OUT of the falsehoods, OUT of WAR creation, OUT of slavery, OUT of conquer and divide mechanisms, OUT of dis-ease creating controllers, OUT of being “told” what to do, say, feel and be, OUT of fear based media and false news, OUT of supporting or believing FALSE governing organizations and OUT of made up GODS and rewritten, hidden history and OUT of CREATED religions that are only of control about Gods requiring one to sacrifice, pay penance, speak half truths and lead one to believe God/Creator is a judging God and killing people – really?
That is part of our planetary infiltration and manipulation from OUTSIDE of our Divine Human Self. Humans are benevolent loving beings. We have been fooled, hybridized and manipulated from unseen realms. Hence everyone on the planet being “stuck” in lower ego bodies without progressing to the next realms of consciousness which begin to BRING forth this truth, this reality, this knowing.
No, it is not great to hear, but we need to KNOW this TRUTH for KNOWING it, and REALIZING IT, and ACTING upon it SETS US FREE. We become FREE to expand our consciousness RECONNECT to the TRUE stream of GOD SOURCE and BECOME once again, on the path to our Divine right of ASCENSION (incension) to be SELF SOURCED in GOD LIGHT and SOVEREIGN and FREE. Beyond these words is the Light that awakens us all.
THANK GOD FOR GOD, and we all are GOD. WE just need to remember that and do the inner work to evolve back into our truth and ALL will upgrade, everything will go from death to life in our own living reality.
And so it is.
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