Soul storms for growth

Soul expanding storms may be present in awareness now. Do not give into fear or doubt, . The task is to find balance, love, understanding and compassion. the task is to not re-act, but to re frame with love, compassion and acceptance.11954627_10207859383151403_5259184015351856803_n

Support your body with spring water, greens, rest, sunshine. Support your inner journey with self love, quiet time and space, with peaceful interludes. Love self. Love an animal or child. Stay out of crowds, created fears and hypes, media fictions, and projections of “others” dramas or victimizations.

It is a time of increased discernment as to what we are hearing and seeing on the outside of our Self and that which is coming in through our inner sacred sanctuary of the heart – FEELING love and allowing ourselves to feel ..whatever it may be without attachment, commentary or involvement….letting it pass, yet compassionately witnessing – seeing it and letting it go.

We find that on the other side of our release of unconscious memories, shadows and emotional ups and downs, that BALANCE is regained. Peace is secured. So when “more” comes our way, our inner strength, courage and knowing allow the awareness to occur without emotional or mental interaction. A state of moving into greater parts of our consciousness, our inner Divine Self.

We ARE doing this! We are evolving into higher, more honoring ways of living and support self and ALL life.

Love Self. Love All. Love all as self.

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