13092147_10209556579180243_632251377267280696_nWithin us is God Source Design awaiting our alignment to what already is. Aligning to that and bringing that forth as us, though divine will activates that which is already in perfection.


Through the heart and love brings knowing and direction. The mental body wants to plan, work, devise, when our highest expression is to bring forth Divine Design and administer that which already is. Nothing to chase. Nothing to track down. Nothing to create per se but to flow out that which is already the perfect creation of Divine Mind.

Divine mind is accessed through heart and through throat chakra. Beyond reason and into that which is already known, perfect and awaiting expression. Soul –  4, 5 and 6th chakras opens the door over ego body, mind and mental controls and limits and looping rational and reasoning into natural, perfect, easy flowing expression. 

It is boundless, perfect, amazing, free.

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