Source from the heart

It is the heart, the path of Divine mind over lower mind that brings forth innate universal wisdom that always has the perfect and life honoring solutions, ideas, answers, responses, awareness.

Going within. Quiet time. Meditation. Stillness is this place.12990941_10209498975420185_6993122152940110417_n

NOT from intellect. The place of reasoning is the indoor car race always going in circles with no result. A mentor would say to me – get out of your head! My response was – Where am I to go then? The brain/ego/intellect is this responding for it sees itself AS the answer when in truth, it is the limit, the barrier and bound to limits of perceived truths within a parameter of boundaries, opinions and judgements. 

The Higher divine mind, that which is cultivated, expanded into through inner work of clearing who is in control of our energy, our thoughts, our will and releasing to our Divine Self which is, when connected and reconnected, through our heart, accessing our higher vibrational divine bodies that source into Universal wisdom. Unity Creator Consciousness.

Inquire within.

Take time to FEEL over thinking. The heart, love, understanding, peace, forgiveness, observation, listening to ones own inner voice opens these doors. Open wide, trust, test, trust, test.
Always, always does it bring forth, show itself in ways to direct one to right action for all in every moment.

Source from the heart.

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