Speaking Truth

Speaking our Truth from our heart is an open expression of the Divine. In our higher heart, our connection to God, to Spirit, to Source, to whatever name, term you shall choose, it all goes back to The One. It can be no other way. Nowadays, with so much controversy and chaos being the “norm” it is bringing each of us to a place of rethinking our beliefs and truths. This is the natural course of the times, of seeking what is real, what always shows to be truth…and that…is Love.

Love has always been “it”. God is Love. Nothing new…yet all new again. We are being given the opportunity to look deeper, to question, to validate from our heartspace what serves each of us and what serves all of us.

Books have always been a great source of information for me…and still is. I grew up in a household with a library of over 12, 000 books. Imagine that! Lots of information, wisdom, knowledge, mysteries, expansion, ideas, views, perspectives, experiences. It has served me very well. Yet, there is much of that I had learned, that I am now “unlearning” with working with my inner higher aspects to hear and feel what truth really is. What calls from the heart of myself and others connecting to that same aspect.

Some things have been validated and expanded, yet much, much, much was only the creation of man, and yes, it was truth, but not the Truth of the Divine. That is what shifts you to seek, find, contemplate, embrace, feel then know, with every part of your being, that Love is truth. That much of what we have been taught and believed to be correct (rules, judgments, oppression, separation, etc) was purposeful for lessons to get us to go deeper and really find the truth and it is doing that. Look around the world. Look at how people are seeking something of purpose, of value, of connection, of truth. The path looks different from anothers until you arrive at the doorstep. Then, it is all the same and coated in love.

Speak your truth, the truth of love..from you heart. It not only changes you into a loving being but it shifts all around you beyond what is seen or consciously known.

Speak your truth with love.

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