Stepping up a notch

I Thank you to each of you already here and for those that have recently connected here.  Welcome!  Namaste!  Love to each of you!
If you find it purposeful, please share this page for expanding the Light of awareness of Love and all that is.

We are of the awareness that we will be shifting this up a notch here shortly and integrating more direct sharings that come forth from our Family of Light.  We are in a preparatory stage that will allow more quantum science, workings of the universe, accelerated tools for self expansion – inner connectedness and true soul remembrance to birth forth.
As humanity has the opportunity to ascend from this 3rd dimensionality and level of living to higher ones that afford greater abilities and capabilities and potentials all fueled by love and light and our upgraded and activated DNA …all of which is ignited by our human free will choice.

I thank you for being here and I stand in pure heart intent to be of loving service, companionship and remembrance for each of you to elevate and accelerate this most wondrous and joyous journey!

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