Floral Waters – Hydrosols


Hydrosols are a powerful, yet gentle plant medicine. Hydrosols are the aromatic waters the essential oil was distilled through. They contain small quantities of the essential oil, as well as soluable components of the plants. Hydrosols contain the soul of the plant in every drop.
•  A Divine development in the field of aromatherapy.
• The homeopathic form of aromatic treatment that is the perfect complement to other forms of vibrational medicine.

Hydrosols, or hydrolates, are the pure, water-based solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled. Through this process, a potent, yet subtle form of medicine is created, one that is able to be ingested as well as applied directly to the skin, unlike most pure essential oils.

Sacred Rose Water

Botanical Name: Rose damascene

 The frequency of Love


Blessed and energetically enhanced in Sacred Ceremony

To increase your capacity to give and receive self love with each holy mist.

Pure rose water is the distilled water (hydrosol) of roses. It is made by stream distillation, and it smells heavenly.


Rose is the frequency of love and has been used for thousands of years and renowned by many cultures for many purposes including sacred anointing and ceremony.  Use on your face, body, linen or room to elevate the vibration to love. The special energetics of the rose mist will help you to incrementally, as your highest self decrees, open yourself up to maintain higher and higher vibration. Very hydrating to the skin. a Wonderul hummectant.

4mL – $10.00

 2oz – $18.00

 8oz – $35.00


Organic Lemongrass

Botanical Name: Cymbopogon flexuosus



Lemongrass is used as an antidepressant through the sensory organs. It holds an ‘uplifting’ and pleasing smell that brings together an earthy scent with just a tiny hint of floral-ish notes. Its also holds antioxidant, deodorant, cleansing and fungicidal benefits.



4ml – $10.00 

2oz – $18.00

8oz – $36.00