Holy GodSelf Annointing Oil and Ceremony

A aromatic and powerful scent to awaken One’s Divinity.
Truly a scent for the Inner Kingdom.

Purchase the oil for your own sacred use or choose Sacred Ceremony and Oil

Sacred Self, Your Inner Connection to the Most High

Oil for sacred ceremony, ritual, rite of passage, celebration of ones Divinity, purification, Self renewal.

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Holy Oil for
Anointing the GodSelf

Sacred Ceremony.  Sacred Communion.  Sacred Oil. Receive anointing, attunement and Spirit communion
in Sacred Ceremony for igniting/expanding your God Self codes and connection.  Special HolyGod Anointing oil is used and yours to keep.  Ceremony is recorded.

Session and Sacred Ceremony
for Anointing with Renée

It is my honor and purpose to perform this Holy and Sacred Ritual with you.

Heart-in-BoxSharing from the heart – Sessions are 30 -45 minutes
For ceremony only without oil – all exchanges are welcomed.

Because of materials of oil session with oil to keep is $88
Thank you. (Please note which service and length please)


Ceremony in person or via phone – 30 minutes and is specific for you.
   If ceremony is via phone, oil will be shipped prior to your ceremony.

Holy God Self
Sacred Anointing Oil

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Based in organic virgin Olive Oil

 7 drops each of 7

 Sacred Biblical Oils

Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard, Cedarwood,
Cassia, Sandalwood,Rose of Sharon

 All details and application information shared from the Angelic Realms as originally received. 

 Holy God Self Anointing Oil Only – 1 Oz
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 Self Anointing:

Create Sacred Space
Anointing Ceremony and Holy words will be given to you.

This is a space you create for your Holy Self.  It is a private communion and awakening of your Holy God Presence.


Cleanse and detox:

Feet –

Wash, cleansing, place 3 drops on bottom of foot and massage in.  Detox harmful pathogens – helps heart, blood vessels, organs and purify each.

Self Baptizing –

Create Sacred Space.
Place 7 drops in bathwater for self baptizing of the Christ Self within.  Honor this space in water as the vibrations are attuned to the highest aspects of your Christed Being.  Anoint thyself.  Honor thyself.  Consider and know thyself as Holy.  Truly, you are the Holy One, the Christed Being in rebirth on Earth in this time.  Blessed be.

Oil creation information – This is the first oil that I received from the Angelic Realm.  It was very quick and clear as to the formula, purpose and applications.


This Oil is magical and uplifting!   – T.N.

Ceremony is without words.  My inner joy burst forth!   – K.L.