Sun and self correction potentials

Sun flares, sun storms, sun radiations, sun energies are cooking many, stretching ones fields of light, the energy bodies while all continues to expand the heart consciousness. Be patient and loving with all including your own Self. It may make you feel like at the bottom of the world….or not. Where ever you are taken to in your thoughts, emotions, words, rise to your highest level of love.

reneesnider.comsunAlways our practice of our ability to govern our own …SELF. Self correction, self reflection are the order for the next couple of days. Bring all of your attention to your heart, to speaking from your heart, the place of love, of truth, of compassion, of honoring others and ones own self…for we are as we see others.

Sun energies are intense to our bodies, growing our solar body so the flesh body moves with us in expansion of consciousness, in expansion of dimensionalities, of experience. Observe what part of you may need attention from you….not of the outside, places within you that may need recognition, love, acknowledgement, perhaps some deeper understanding or likely….for many …forgiveness.

Honor all experiences for the growth and love yourself into the now of wholeness. Love all. Love heals all.

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