Take Heart

You are NOT your emotions.  You are not your fears. You are not your thoughts. You ARE the CREATOR of these things.  Release and allow any feeling that may be coming up over this time, the full moon, the alignment of many planetary bodies.  Where ever you may be in your belief system matters not, as the Force of Nature supersedes our limited perceptions.

Now is the time to seek deep within ones self and find what is loving.  Cultivate a Spirit of love, peace, acceptance and harmony.
These feelings are healers.  The energy, the intention of these will shift your own feelings and those of many others you are unaware of.  As we are a group of human souls connected.

Take Heart.  Go within your heart with earnest effort to breath and find the stillness of peace and love that resides there. Sit in this sacred space.  And find the company of God.

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