Taking our Freedom Back – Self Sovereignty

Cleaning the inner house. Clearing the Fields. Returning piece and part to wholeness and Divine Design of the Krystic Angelic Human.

Balance.     Harmony.

11220910_10207381441203153_2013779475953017376_nWe are full of false light, false architecture, misaligned structure, negative agenda programming/Software.

Taking our FREEDOM back to us over anything in the human world, beyond politics, beyond society, beyond wars and tools of dis-empowerment and separation, we are EQUIPPED with inner technology that when CONSCIOUSLY PARTICIPATED with ignites and leads us to INNER truth, INNER harmony, INNER

peace and provides purposeful and appropriate interaction with life renewed.

Reeducation, understanding, commitment, right action, integrity, spiritual practice, accountability, honor, awareness, steadfastness, love, respect, diligence, self inquiry, forgiveness, inner guidance, heartfelt direction …all combined and more are the TOOLS and MEANS to SELF SOVEREIGNTY.

We are asked to rise into these moments and opportunities of expansion of the self if one attunes, resonates, feels called.

ALL are called to greater levels of living and actionating from a place of love, acceptance and understanding.

Removing ALL aspects of separation, war, confusion, hate and the old, repetitive ploys of keeping humanity fighting amongst themselves so the TRUTH of SELF GOVERNING paths and actions will not be seen, known or utilized.

Go within.

Find quiet space.     Observe.     Listen.

Seek out the paths to the understanding of awakening and actionating to the One Law of Love that prevails over all life and WORKS when interacted within the governing laws.

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