Tend the Garden

Restoration and Liberation happen at levels NOW for most unseen and unaware. Seek with purity the God of your Self, The God, of All, The One Self. Listen NOT to the outside, but the voice within the heart, past Ego. It is the love, the kindness, the understanding, the place of honoring ALL life that reveals itself, hidden under programmed thoughts and limits. It has a theme.11535928_10207188899989743_3899184492529854065_n

It is the Same within ALL, when found. Love. Honor. Peace. Compassion. Set space to observe self, thoughts and find what you would CHOOSE for YOU and ALL. Discard, eliminate, evict that which is not such. We are our own authority over our mind, body, spirit. Masked, veiled, within illusion the purity and truth is there emerging. Courage, diligence, consistency brings forth that which is spoken, an obvious space of Self Divine Nature of Love.

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