The Circle Of Light is ignited in California!

CAM04483Blessed to be hosted by beautiful friends and family of light. Tonight beloved ones join in with open heart from 7-9 pst for The Circle of Light imparted in this region in California. Love and pink ray shines upon all. This day holds a new energy removing that of the illusion of death. We are Divine and immortal in body and eternal as light. Humankind now prepares to embody this truth as a divine Christed hue -man of the Christos higher heart awakening gathering on  4-20. All rejoice in all realms as the glory of Creator returns in Now reality. Blessings be beloved Beautiful Beings of Holy Light!

I am aware we will be seeding the Circle of Light around the world.  Often asking, how will this be done…in my body, in vision, dreamstate, consciousness connections, etc?  This now unfolds in ways beyond words.  As God would have it be.  Communities of Light shall foster in a new (old) way of being, of unity, of peace, cooperation, of equality, of love, of god ways of being. Returning to our origins of the truth of who/what we are as vessels of Gods light.  May all life be renewed and blessed in Creator light.

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