One step forward confirmed! The consciousness scale has tipped – Sri Amma

We all love confirmations along our path.  And on Saturday, the 18th, Many Christed Beings and Masters of Light came forth in Grand joy and Celebration to announce we, humanity, had tipped the consciousness scale..sorta speak, for awakening to love!

This is news of the most grand joy and revelation!

On a personal note, in bringing forth these messages via telepathy and through the very Light cells of my being, as we are truly melding into “One”, it is a personal human process before myself and all, of unfolding and melding with my higher aspect, piece by piece  – aligning with the “above” and grounding in the “below” so all is in knowing.  It can be challenging yet a grand test of trust and faith to bring forth specifics, dates, announcements, possibilities, numbers, predictions, forecasts as those are the “details” we as humans are quick to judge if they are not “right on” exact, or happen.

All that “know” me, know how” I AM” about being pure with the information that comes forth…and my path to relinquish my “desires” and just allow the beauty of the purity of itself to simply allow and unfold…yet it IS the journey of ascension, expansion, transformation and doing the dishes as well!

Potentials and intents, we realize in truth, all is a potential and all can change in a moment by our individual and collective intent and will.

The Circle of Light continues to expand me and all who attend.

Then I received this and another message both sharing how we have crossed a collective threshold.  The validations are helpful and purposeful for each of us as signs, guideposts, confirmations to our awareness as we continue to move in and out of our shifts of dimensionalities, in consciousness.  It truly is a most wondrous time to be alive, if we tune into love, the voice of our heart and turn away from the media and old energy patterns that are no longer part of our merging to a higher way of creation living.

Here is the link for the article from The Oneness Community regarding Sri Amma and those awakening…..

And…..Congratulations to US, We, You, I. Me, ALL! LOVE ABOUNDS!

Read more here –  sri-amma-bhagavan-over-71000


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