The Divine Mother

Precious friends, sharing this sweet space of connection with you.

heartfeelingThe Love felt was so, so, precious and all enveloping. The Divine Mother came in to my awareness in FULL COLOR early yesterday morning. The introduction was of “no name” …yet saying I am the Divine Mother, Mother of All encompassing all of the Divine Mother in all aspects, all things, known and unknown. All symbols, of archetypes, All of Mother, of nurturing, of Love, love and more love! The Mother of All with this came in instantaneous realization and acknowledgement of ALL Feminine Names of Deities and Goddesses and Divine Mothers, of All. “She” simply came in to bestow an array of loving energies/activations/downloads. She said, ” Receive in Love”.

There is a stronger Divine Presence upon this Planet of which ISIS is a carrier, an activation, yet it is ALWAYS HERE.   Sophia. The loving energy comes from deep within the core of our heart, the core of the One of All and is engulfing and activation in immediate Now time, a new level of love and care not felt before. It covers all. As we welcome that which IS we are rebirthed from the core of our hearts, a resurgence of love bursts forth.

Resistance is futile. Be embraced in this Divine loving and most nurturing energy for with it comes a great awareness of aliveness and voice of Creation. We send this love now in this message of Light.

Love reigns forth.

Blessings be.

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