The End is Near…..

Its almost here. The infamous 2012. It is a grand year of change…as the number 5 indicates, but it is also a year of exponential light coming in to us to allow us to expand our consciousness. To experience the higher vibratory frequencies…of LOVE, PEACE and JOY and add in there endless possibilities, ability to think and live out of the box, create more quickly from the inside out and with the higher frequencies, the ability to self – heal (this does NOT happen all at once…yet pieces and parts start showing up for each along with new awarenesses, etc)

Now, there will be some things that will need some clearing away…as you know, ( and this is already in progress both with the physical earth and peoples from different places and here in the US answering and inner call for truth, freedom, fairness, etc) we have been living at the lower end of the vibrational scale for some time….grief, fear, pride, pain, doubt, greed, barriers.

So YES THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END. LOL…of living in a primal state of fear, haves and have nots, ego ruling and creating the patterns of our life and society. Again, not overnight…but massive shifts WILL occur this year. You can bank on it…literally.

Keep yourself open to love, potentials and seeing with your inner vision how you wish the world to be and don’t get lost in looking at the mess that is being cleared up. Stay away from negative media, degrading and belittling TV shows and movies and feed your mind things that support being aligned with integrity, love, community, friendship, help, cooperation, creativity, solutions and stepping up to be a voice for love.

2012. We have waited lifetimes and billions of year to come to this point. If you don’t know this…you will at some point from within as humanity is shifting to a higher level of being and at some point everyone, will know, feel and enjoy what is happening cause it means we will live in a better world by our current point of standards. So, knowing it or not, jump on board and let’s bring this vision in and make it real. We have all the support from all aspects of the cosmos. NOW IS THE TIME.

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