The Great Awareness

spiral fractalGod continues to share…We are on the verge of “THE GREAT AWARENESS”
This is a space of information.  Of NEW information for the human and for this planet.  It will come in several forms in different areas, from science, religion, politics, spirituality, cosmology, finance, history and more.  Breakthroughs and corrected information that can not be denied will reach the mass and main levels of humanity ….finally.

This will in turn begin a New level of Awakening – from the head.  Man is already receiving it from the heart, yet no framework of understanding or true awareness.
This is to mark a NEW beginning for man! Spring has Sprung we say with great joy!  The first NEW EARTH domino is to fall. One where man can see what he needs to see to move forward.
The Magic of March is now to emerge even more.
Beloved Ones, hold the Faith!  Hold the Expectation of Good. Look for the signs everywhere.  In nature, in the skies and in the human heart.
Blessings be to all in the joyous time of human unfoldment of your Divinity!

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