The past is the past is the past…..old energy.

Be aware. Play with your vision. Play with your imagination. Play and exercise your senses. There is much to be found in this way if you will just notice and play. The energies are so heightened in these days for us to expand into our higher aspects. It can be difficult to look beyond what is in our face in the so called “real world” yet it truly only is and always has been an illusion….a projection of our collective thoughts. That is CHANGING in each and every moment. What we experience comes from within our consciousness and our ability to believe beyond our perceived barriers.

Do not base ANYTHING upon the past for it will no longer hold power unless you continue to give it such. Look forward. LOVE FORWARD. Create forwardly. Think, feel, envision, imagine, intend your future, our future one of love and unity. Our test, if you will, as humans has been to move beyond the physical and into the metaphysical and now…even beyond that. This all happens and begins within. Create. Meditate. Contemplate. Go out into nature – your best place to connect with the energies that sustain us. We are so connected to all that is natural, all that is nature, all that is Earth, sun, wind, water, breath. Go back to basics and connect with your heart. Find the magic that is there. Much different than it has EVER been. Try it all anew as if it is the very first time. Because truly, in each and every moment is…the first time. Pristine and clear, beautiful and precious, pliable and creatable. Go into your heart and connect with the Divine. The answers, the knowing, the feeling of more, of all that is, IS THERE! Blessings!

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