The power of prayer and heart intention

The power of prayer and heart intention is not to be taken lightly.  Prayer and heartfelt intentions are a force of good that effect outcomes.

Two or more gathered… said and known to be an influence for good, if that is the intention.

If we are discouraged to come together in the physical let us come together with heart intention, for prayer, for blessing as a will to do good.

May we bless all life.  May we ask to see the solutions, the bigger picture, the truth, no matter how it may look.  May we ask for comfort, love, support, healing for all who need it.  Let us open our hearts to receive the flow of love, the flow of support that is ours through our divine heritage, through God laws.

Much is happening at all levels of reality, of energetics, of our expanding consciousness experience that are stretching us to open up to making choices and changes that reflect increased respect and love for life.  No exceptions.

We pray for peace, for freedom, for good health, sovereignty, truth, unity.  May we pray for the eyes to see and the ears to ear what we may have been blind to, unable to conceive or fearful to know.

May we love each other, may we go within to heal our own inner wounds and may we find forgiveness for self and others.

May all beings be free. May all beings know God.

May we hold heartfelt intentions and prayers for those in positions of leadership, governing roles to lead, example and choose from places of equality, humility, truth, openness and love.

May the peace, power and truth of our One Divine Presence flow into every cell, every heart, every body.  May we return to one family of unified heart intent of caring for all as ones own.

Blessings to all life.  We will get through these times stronger and wiser and with more loving hearts.

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