The Shift is Consciousness is Happening NOW.

It is real. It is evidenced. Go within. Quit Thinking.

Feel and connect to the wisdom of the Heart. You must go outside of the 3d aspects of the existing reality to the one awaiting us that begins within…from there it is self evidenced beyond words, yet is known among those who connect to the Light…this is our journey, each and every one of us…go within….know….remember….expand into love and ever increasing states of awareness.

It IS happening. One heart at a time…and illusion is and will fall away….not overnight…but grand change is happening and felt, the world is shifting from the higher vibrations of love and will continue to do so. All are honored and all are equal….hold the vision dear ones, you must stand tall in faith and not wobble in the dense remains of what is dismantling before you.

What is happening is beyond the vision before the eyes and is created from inner vision and is manifesting in the timeframe in which is can only happen, one heart and one choice of human will to divine will at a time. Momentum is mounting….see with eyes of hope and create that which you desire to be true…..or not.

We can continue to experience the same old reality or rise up to the new vibrations that exist and are evidenced in science and physics…yet, the consciousness of the heart is the ultimate science…all is still catching up with the Sacred Science of Love.

I stand in the Light.


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