The White Buffalo as Light Unfolding

5-8-12 11:11 am –

Lightning Medicine Cloud


From the Great Spirit of the Ancient Ones to those of heart on Earth –

White buffalo (Lightening Medicine Cloud)  completed the mission that was at hand for humanity.  Be not in fear or anger or grief over the perceived human loss of these magnificent beasts as they served mankind well.  Much is to rise form this expression of fear and expression of separation, as it is the Light unfolding although it may not appear as such in the form of love as man knows it to be.  For this sacrifice will bring more attention than had the loving animal lived.  It is symbolic and the energy brought forth lives and does not die in any form, in fact this action has and will bring to Light more knowingess of how man is to live in love and honor and respect and community instead of fear, doubt separation, fear.

No action can wipe out the thought and impressions of love that this has brought in all.  This sign of the prophecy has been fulfilled and this is most important to know.  This in man’s eye, and for that we explain, nothing is lost.  This is the exception of the rule by your human standards.  It will bring in the era of peace and hope that has been promised and is now being fulfilled.  Hearts are coming together.  The Hopi and legend of the Lakota remains true for all people of the Heart.  The change is at hand and man lives in this place of growth and expansion. With it many are being challenged.  This white beast of hope for humanity was seen as a great threat to those still living in darkness and unknowing of the love that is within and binds all things.

Create ceremony and honor for these loving beasts.  White Buffalo is the sign of hope and peace for humanity just like the White Dove.  The Dove comes further into Americas as a symbolism of peace.  An offering of the highest kind has been made.  It is the balance of the dark and the light.  It must be so.

A new energy is set forth anew from this ceremony of departure of the physicality of these beasts, yet within the same moments energy of renewal and further hope has been imparted upon the Earth plane and that upon which man dwells.  The beasts, the mother buffalo and the Thundercloud reign in their roles of duty and importance and they hold high honor for their roles and live on now in even further roles of greater capacity of expanded love and joy.  They work form the ethereal plane to usher in the Golden Age of peace of oneness and harmony among all peoples.  The indigenous peoples know this in their hearts.  The same truth as you type will be known to many in their dreams awake in there ceremonies, in their quest for answers and dreaming quests.  Send this to those that have created the space for the wonderful and magnificent beasts to live and prosper and let them know the White Buffalo Calf Woman and The Hopi’s National treasure is not lost and prospers further in each moment.

Man is on the brink of convergence with higher levels of love and this paves the way for such.  We, all of the Blue Light send love to those who caretaked for these creatures of Gaia and say, another will come again.  Another will come again.  Another will come again to further the prophecy even more to show nothing can stand in the way of the Great Spirit of Hope  for all her peoples.

We are the Ancients and we are with all as humanity awakes to their own greatness of heart.  We are you.  Blessings.

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