Thought responsibility

Thought, intent are tools of creation, of purpose. In taking responsibility and accountability for self, this is a place of foundation to begin to accept and take conscious control, intent, selection, choice, upgrade, eviction, of all thoughts.

Questioning at anytime why a thought is there.

11880628_10207664956810866_658890063496120990_nWhere did THAT thought come from for it does not reflect my true heart intent?

We find that thoughts are things and a huge portion comes from false information, programming, false motives, mass hypnosis for purposes of control and energetic and monetary gain.

When we Think with purpose and FEEL with heart, NEW choices. One by one, we refill our sacred vessel with what we CHOOSE that supports all life, instead of those crammed into our heads with fear and repetitive dis-empowering false beliefs.

Thank God we have this power.
Thank God we can exercise free will.
Thank God we are able to control our abilities.


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