To Love is Our Ascension

SO perfect.

love spaceEnergies are stepping up each moment. Turn within and love thyself is the message. Radiate love.

VERY, very intense for many people, countries, our world. This brings us into very deep aspects within ourself to clear of illusion….Stirring the victim persecutor role. Higher Light always asks us to stretch, to LOVE, knowing FEAR is illusion. There is no us and them, dark and light, bad or good.

As the I AM in ALL things there is only love.

Fear is the indicator of the level of consciousness and guarantees distorted truth, misconception, illusional creation and continued playing of the game of karma and lesson.

To LOVE is our ascension. TO be love is it. Let the Sun Light shine from within. Our Heart Chakras are getting a work out, that Christed Center of the Higher Heart is bursting forth. Our Divine Feminine aspects of compassion, mercy, forgiveness are asked to be demonstrated. Stay within your heart centers dear one. Love heals all. Love does not condemn, shun, or foster illusion, that is impossible.

Love is the only truth and encompasses all. For Love is Source, Creator, the fabric and texture of all.

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