Today all is born anew

Today all is born again a new. We have a breath or two before the beginning of the fastest energetic ride this planet has ever experienced. TAKE the time to go within and connect with your higher heart, your highest Selves, your Holiest of Holies. The time is now. Much change is coming – the effect of the cause of love and ascension. A swift time of a succession of changes in all realms, in all forms, in all beings at all levels.We are about to move into a vortex, a wave of time, of no time. A path is opening up for an accelerated ride into the higher dimensions, into expanded consciousness, into each of us truly knowing, from within our own heart and consciousness, that we are not our bodies, we are not our stories, but truly to KNOW and FEEL and CONNECT with the stream of loving expansive creation.

Have NO DOUBT dearest ones, we are moving from dark to Light and those vibrations of fear, anger, hate, separation are diminishing as the Light of God pours in. We have lived in darkness (not knowing and living in the Light) for lesson and great purpose at our Soul levels. This is coming to knowningness for the masses. It is an opportunity to tune into this. It can come incrementally. It can come in as a flood of thoughts, of release, of awarenesses. It can arrive here and there. Yet, it must be acknowledged. We are coming out of the darkness of not knowing and into the Light of love, peace, truth and knowingness.

We each experience what we experience and allow ourselves to see, feel, touch, explore and now – it will be easier – yet there are free will choices, steps that must happen to move into our loving levels of balance and peace that await us. We move at whatever pace and space we each are in, to expand and honor free will to give way to Divine Will. The Will of All. The Will of Love. The Will of Peace. The Will of Benevolency. The Will that is ALL aspects of ALL coming together in beautiful, loving harmony.

TAKE the time to look at your beliefs. Seriously. Honestly. Deeply, yet quickly. Do you believe you are a child of the Divine? Do you believe we are all connected and created equally? Do you believe you can be the change you wish to see? Do you believe you are energy/Spirit poured into a human vessel for lesson? Do you believe the inklings, the direction of your heart that you are loved, loved, LOVED? Do you believe that LOVE is all we need?

Then, walk that path without doubt. Ask for guidance, help, energies to support and enhance your belief, vision, truth. It WILL COME and it promised so.
TAKE the moment to state to yourself and out loud privately or with those of like minds and state – I AM LOVE. I AM LOVING. I AM. I AM ALIGNING WITH THE WILL OF THE DIVINE. ASK to be filled with the Light of Love, the Light of Remembrance, The Light of I AM.Blessings to each of you upon this Holy Day.
The One with Renee Snider 2-15-12
We are ALL of those ascended. We are ALL of the Christed Light Beings. WE are ALL We…. ARE YOU!
You are lovingly encouraged to share noting the creation aspects.

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