Tougher Choices. Courage needed.

Illusion, perception, will, belief, lesson, trust….these are all part of our 3-D game. Check into see what is your Truth. Who//What are you serving? The patterns of lesson, pushing to believe and hang on to a 3-D truth of self and will? Careful not to push and get lost in the game of lesson out of fear or false belief that serves only the “self”.

Gather the love of your heart, tune into the inner Light and listen to the voice that often gets squelched by the louder sound of the ego. Look at your patterns. Look at what you may be desperately clinging to out of fear. We can’t force something to be, it must just Be. Everything here in our 3rd density is for our path of lesson of self -love.

This can be a very tricky area of human perception and higher discernment of truth. One leads to illusion and unreal expectations and repeating an unsatisfying pattern over and over and over or the other….taking a much larger, grander, deeper, higher, expanded view to see the Truth that is being shared at the soul level and have the courage to truly see and recognize the pattern, the message of lesson that is to be released, so more true love and integrity can fills the voids left of the lessons of illusion.

Self love means we are honoring ourselves and others as well. We are not trying to make someone fit our wishes or desires as we would like them to be. All paths are honored. And the greatest honor sometimes is to release yourself and another from a pattern that no longer serves. This is true Soul Growth and one knows the difference in the heart, yet it is often denied and disguised by the ego, by fear, by accepting situations of less than…as, oh it will get better, I know I can make it work…or they didn’t mean that, they will apologize and it will all be better.

Go within. See the voice of your heart for what truly makes your soul sing. Where there simply is no question of what, why, of force, or is this right, or I know it will be better….this 17th time around. Take off the glasses that are of denial. Be loving to yourself and seek that which honors you, are your path, or yours and another. Everything outside of us is a reflection of something we have not found within or need. Attachments are clear signs of areas for our focus.

All relationships are for our teaching and understanding and come with immeasurable amounts of insights, healing and lesson. Co-dependency is a common trait of not relying on the inner Self, the Light within. This IS the path that is to be fulfilled first and then all else around us is only a beautiful enhancement to our whole Self.

It is to trust the unknown of what is next when releasing a pattern, habit, relationship, job for true transcending of what no longer serves the heart of your hearts.

Stand in your Light. Commit to your Self. You have the courage within. You have the voice of truth within. You have all the love you ever need within to be complete from that space first. Earth and humanity are at a pivotal point of expansion. This is the time to release, to come into grander aspects of self love and integrity. Within you is all the love, support, understanding and more love to validate what appears to be hard choices. Yet, it is a time to walk the talk and stand for what you truly believe…..

The Light moves forward for all….

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