Truth in Light 3-27-14

VERY intense energies continue to open up your every cell, every lost thought, every piece of  human being NOT aligned with truth of Creator.  Stay steadfast in the Light of love and truth. HAVE FAITH and COURAGE!  Let not the outside reflection of the illusion falling waiver your insider CAUSE of love and knowing.  For that which is within creates the outer.

FEAR NOTHING!  For we all report directly to Creator. Call this forth for yourself.  Connect through and with the heart space – the higher heart.

Go within.  You are not alone and never have been – this is an impossibility. Find quiet space within – connect to your guidance of heart.

Truths that are quite disgusting, hidden and some known are continuing to emerge and be seen and real-ized by your family, your friends, those in various positions of “work” around the planet and they TOO are seeing that which is happening.  An opportunity for us to make new choices for the highest good of all. Fear is coming up for review, for sourcing, for healing, for balancing opening the way for more love and ability to stand in the path of that which SERVES all beings upon this beloved planet.. “STO” service to others.

For humanity is a connected network returning to1393798_380274812103844_1029178291_n knowing this and to work collectively for the whole!  Bring forth truth in any way you can that is loving, appropriate and purposeful. This is not force, protest or war.  It is by example of that which you desire to see and be – peaceful means, facts of truth of the Now moment, higher paths of solutions and expression.  Coming from the heart and honoring all no matter what -true integrity and intention is now SEEN with new eyes and has a renewed Light of its own power.

Seek deeper clarity and discernment on our governments, what is behind the Vatican, with Families of Control, of falsehoods  and created histories and narratives for us to stay in darkness and fear where it is easy to control and influence ones in these states of mind.  These areas and more are of control to keep humanity as a collective body from moving forward to be strong in truth and ones own empowerment of free will, choice and consciousness growth. And to know, to see, research, become aware of how we are moving into a New reality and it is not based on the documented rewritten history that has been told to us.  Much hidden. More denied.  More destroyed.

The natural process of evolution that is taking place will eventually result and impart a new path of living. Not without much, much work to do in every area of our ways of living, yet  with joy, purpose and not based in illusionary purposeful control based on lies and false supply and demand, created illness and cures, created tainted foods that with known calculated intent and creation are given to the populations (you, me, mom, dad, children, neighbors, friends, countries…) to keep our inner senses from connecting to our own higher connection, to consciousness pathways of truth beyond our body, our undeniable, always there, connection to CREATOR, that which created every being.

We are to be free, sovereign, live in joy and harmony, creativity and co-create with love….to expand creation with joy and divine purpose.  Human awarenessonee and appropriate action is needed.  Self questioning, inner work, become informed, go beyond what is being told, feel, sense, reflect.

All is ascending, every animal, plant, person, mineral, planets, all will incrementally increase in overall vibration rising to ever unprecedented aspects of holding light. Almost inconceivable to our human mind at this time with any clear clarity and depth of the magnificence for it is a COMPLETE upgrade to our consciousness experience!!  This is a wonderful thing to behold.  All together we are in this endeavor.

There will be work to do for all, for Earth, and systems will change, be rebirthed of higher Divine Governance and order that serves all.  To help these come forward you – You reading this must continue to look within, discern this for yourself with discernment and resonance.

This path of Love, of Divine Decree, of ascension, consciousness evolution which Earth and humanity are jointly preparing for…by all the signs you see, clearing up that which is out of integrity and living the old paradigm into waking all into awareness.  To tune WITHIN your own consciousness, heart space to find that there is an amazing energy, a voice, a knowingness of wise council for you that will match with others inner knowing.   HENCE THE CONNECTION TO ALL IS ONE expressed as the Many.

How can you help?  How can you be more aware?  What can you do?

Meditate.  Tune within.  Discern and read….don’t be afraid to look at what is there…that is silly, we have done that enough by putting our heads in the sand, ignoring, or waiting for someone else to Do the work. By your sheer seeking, you will find within and see it reflected on the outside. Asking questions, meditating, quieting the mind.  It is a process, YES, to hone ones discernment of truth, of that which is of Divine origin.  You are full of many examples already of what is NOT TRUTH.  Most media newspaper mass media, medical are falsehood realities, believed and further created as a false truth.

Real truthrouch the sky is empowering in a loving, knowing, honoring, sacred, fulfilling way.  NEVER based in fear, never based in games, never based in sickness, lack, control, value, meanness, pain…… yet these things, these experiences are the very ones humanity is releasing…and it is everywhere.  To continue, seek out information, see the continuity of the stream of Light from others in actions, words, thoughts, deed and fruits of the selfless work of the Divine.  See it within you own self. For you are this too! You are Light and the reflection of Light.  Creator Source.

Go to your heart.  Go within.  Ask questions.  Seek the facts on world events, media, government, controls, health, geo politics, untold truths- known as the Truth Embargo, of where one is not privy to that which affects ALL of humanity…..Connection with Your Divine Family of Light.

UFOs are not unidentified. They exist and provide a truth of understanding of who and what we are as a galactic society. Much to be discerned, remembered, disclosed, understood, forgiven and healed.

This earth, this civilization at this time is coming out of a dense and stuck space of consciousness experience that was out of the awareness of Creator Light, of our Divine Self.  This is what is happening now, a natural process, a restoration of consciousness evolution.  Ascension.

WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW…all is in preparation and has been for an amazing amount to time. But we are in the final days…not of destruction….as in the movies, but one of Divine, loving transformation. It will shift and course correct the path of living, of being, of existence upgrading all to a higher more serving All with new emergence of technology, tools, money exchange, education, communication, history, etc.   We will have a consciousness experience, and myself in this body and many others are and have experienced and continue to experience this from the inside out.  Each are walking examples and testaments from our own personal experiences to that which is taking place now.

A transformation of consciousness, of reality, of that which brings us into more well being, peace, joy, etc., yet also brings more transformation and awareness, review and release of the untruths, the miscreations, the less than aspects of our living experience.  These come up for healing, for forgiveness, for ownership, for witnessing, for transmuting and with all this……more profound awareness, more realization of what is …connection to all, more honor for others, respect, caring of others in small and vast ways, of seeing the bigger picture beyond that of the earth game…than higher truths, wisdom, perceptions come in…..and the process continues and is a mix of this.  It is a transformation of ALL of who we are, not just the mind, the physical, but the emotional, the mental, the etheric bodies and all of our energetic bodies.

bendinglight2For we/all are energy. Nothing new,  science has that understanding, yet many still don’t relate that to their own world, body, life.  We are breathing breath of Creator through us.  We are Creators, builders of form, and every thought…is energy.  Our every action… in motion with intent with have placed upon it.  Our every word, a tool, of creation with purpose.

Sarcasm, making fun, playing with words is a human monomer, for words ARE power, thoughts are power, these are our tools of creation  and form our beliefs, our barriers, our limits, our absolutes, then much of these are false and created with our finite mind.  Choose your words carefully and lovingly.  Only say that which is harmless, respectful.  That is why tuning within, expanding, sensing, feeling with the heart, connecting to consciousness, the lattice work of All That Is, the soul Self and beyond it is in that space of communication, activation and awareness that you become conscious and aware of more than your body and your purpose and power.

You are each in the midst of great change but likely are not seeing the terminology or belief of it for yourself yet, perhaps…..we say look, there is nothing fictional that we speak of for Creator is real, and man has distorted the relationship with Creator through a multitude of false pathways of religion, dogma, rules, rewritten history, distorted truths and control.  This is not Creator, He/She – however you desire to refer to this in Loving and of service to all.  All paths do lead to THE ONE of ALL THAT IS.  Again, this is beyond conception, but words must be used to convey to the populace through these means until all tune into the frequencies of one’s own inner technology of pure connection through the heartspace to Creator.  Your higher self, your I AM presence.

We are One.  More will come from this pathway for the collective good of ALL.  Names are unimportant at this time.  Your awareness of Divine truth in your own awareness, your mind, your body, your heart, your breath, your consciousness your living experience of truth reality is of focus now.  it is the “I AM” of your divine self that beats your heart and is every part of you. Nothing is left out.  All is in form and formless states. .

Take the time to put God self first in your life.  Ask how you can be of service then listen, feel with your heart.  A place to cultivate pass the chatter, loud ego and of constant “less than” busy work programming and that outside of you than it is to ….take and make the time, to be still, to quiet self, to ask, to listen….for the knowing, the awareness of sacredness of you and all things, speaks clearly and lovingly ALL the time. 

Find for your own sacred Self connection within.  Follow no man or being.  Yes, watch, observe, see and notice those of Light.  Those who speak of selflessness.  Observe, see the Light in others…and see where it is distorted.  Honor both. Listen to their words, discern, but ALWAYS go back WITHIN to your OWN LIGHT.  Then, as your own inner connection, your heart space connection is nurtured, loved, listened to with faith to see it reflected in the outer, you develop greater and greater levels of discernment, of wisdom, of knowingness.  This is NOT in books, schools, etc.  This is your own innate aspect and connection to your spaces of you expanded in consciousness that is beyond the limits of the mind, of the ego and is of your precious Divinity.  You are expanding into the Divine Human upon this planet….you are in a massive growth stage of metamorphosis.

discernment pinAll this information is for ones to discern, feel with, contemplate, test within self.  Follow the path within ones own heart.  Speak upon. But please donot dismiss or scoff at it if you are one who has not yet done inner work to find and know God self. that which is God is beyond words and beyond truth of anything upon this planet, is supportive, guiding, always leading ones self to ones highest path of self expression.

Not easy or quick, for it is not. With it brings digging deep, self healing, mastering the bodies, the will, the ego and removing distortions, illusions, false beliefs, healing the pain body and willing to see truth no matter how it is.  Able to accept truth for freedom comes with truth.

Now is the time of grand change and evolution for all. All kingdoms, all life.  Much work is before us.  Much support is given to us for this task.

Take time to go within, create quiet space. Speak to your own heart.  State your intent to connect to your highest self and to know truth.  Allow the path to open unto you of your unique path of unfoldment and contribution to this process, to the planet to the collective of humanity.  All are in this together.  All in love.  May peace return to all. May all know God, the one God of all life.




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