Truth in Light – 5-4-13

The Truth will set us free!     Please share…this is more truth and official than any of our “controlled media” is allowing us to see on TV or broadcast channels.    From the Former Minister of Defense of Canada… Kudos to this man for speaking the Truth and wanting us Americans to know it too!  *calls our banking system as it is… infinitely silly banking and financial system”  WOW….truth! The tip of the iceberg is more than revealed as is our Galactic Family, suppression of free energy…and many other things and control of humanity by elite groups. No longer hidden away or dismissed as conspiracy or other tactics to distract us humans, the people, the paperwork, the experiences, the records, the tapes, the films, the underground knowledge now surfaces and the pieces of a grand puzzle of illusion turning into awakening and ultimately….FREEDOM. This …a beginning of EVERYTHING that will change for humanity’s highest Good.

People, Dear ones, A time is coming for us to expand and pull any remaining heads in the sand out and into the Light.  We are galactic beings and consciousness is expanding and now as part of a natural process of our enhancing awareness and we shall rise in vibration and consciousness = all part of God’s plan.  One Creator over all that exists.  I could not be more excited for humanity and all of us as information, facts, those things that many people who are still unaware of what is happening because of fear, continuous dumbing down of people via media programming of fear, need, lack, insecurity…quality of food, encouragement to overeat, encouragement for medical quick fixes over natural means, good self care, cooperation, and free energy, and many technologies, sciences, practices that could heal and equalize our world, hidden because of a few people who are wealthy beyond understanding and controlling mass populations for eons.  That is ending.  And despite it all, we must gather our hearts and mind, hear the truths that are just now beginning to surface for all, and assimilate them, expand our minds and hearts and forgive.  Forgive.  Forgive and show that we can govern ourselves with higher levels of being.

Compassion, caring, kindness and cooperation.  Be open for all that comes forth we say.  It will first hurt you, then heal you, then free you.  You are who you have been waiting for.  Blessings be to all in this grand time of ascension – merging our soul self into our living body while on this planet.  Returning to governship of Earth and elementals.    Humans will have communication and proof of all said here and more, by those that govern Earth in realms of Higher Divine Order and in part of our own hidden and buried records along with those of involvement.

All will change every history book and fables told.  Science will be overhauled to expand to greater levels of understanding encompassing new parameters, formulas and mathematics and technoforgiveness111logies.   Not overnight, but maybe close as we open hearts and minds to receive that which has been denied us by others or that which we have denied our own selves because of fear.  The Truth in Light is setting us free from a long held reign of darkness on this planet.  Creator’s Light returns.  Remember to listen, be open, be forgiving. If we get lost in anger, disgust or hate, then we delay our good that is ready for ALL to receive on all levels of our existence – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually…and beyond! Blessings BE!


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