Truth in Light – Calling you home now

There is a grand intensity of increase in the energies coming in and through us.  Do NOT fear that which is happening as many souls will now leave this realm.  We speak not only of the human soul, but of your animals, mammals and those of the Devic Kingdom.  They too are ascending with you in both physical and non physical realms.  There is nothing to fear.  All is in a grand state of elevation of frequency.  Mankind is taking another step up per se.  Life as you know it is becoming more real and alive.  The truth is unfolding before you and it may be unpleasant to see for man has lived in the shadow of himself not knowing the Light of thy Creator.
awakening going on

Release attachment to things, people, places, situations and beliefs.  The puzzle pieces of your reality are now showing big gaps, holes and nothing may make sense…as you human mind in no way can grasp the level of quickening that is happening as you are shifting right along with the grand mix.  Your heart is the place that knows and is at peace with all that takes places.  Your heart is your connection to your highest truth.  Your heart is your path to your I AM creator connection.  Take, make and honor your time of going within to be ONE with All That Is.  Find your peace that is within you and is soon to evidence itself in your outside experience.

Within you is the knowningness that all that is taking place is purposeful and not “bad”, but an actual “before your eyes” transformation of what your collective joyous soul agreement is.  And that is to live in love and return to the way of the Father/Mother God Truth Reality.  All is Love.  All is One.  The darkness can be no more.  Divine Decree of the Holy of Holies has declared it so and so have you at your expanded levels of Being.  All is lining up for a great surprise for all of humanity.  Your eyes are about to be opened in new ways to see that which has been hidden.
Continue to do your inner work.  Make peace within and without. Forgive.  Find the gift within all things. Speak kindly of others.  Do not gossip.  Stay away from media, sitcoms, sports and other activities of separation, competition, of extreme falsehood.  These are mans stories of stories and not entertainment.  Peace and love live within you and are you.  You must foster them from the inside out.  Living in truth requires you to be honest, kind, respectful and treat others as you would enjoy being treated.

The Christed One has been incarnated on this planet 7 times.  Each a teaching model for you of your highest ability.  Yet, man either ignored or followed instead of modeling.  Christ is the example of Love expressed and this is your destiny, your design.  Each being is of the Christed One, no matter the religion, the name, the label, the belief.  The highest truths are unfolding on your planet so you know the manipulations of your history, your records, your plight on your way to knowing and realizing your Divinity.

Ease yourself from that which calls your ego and brain into action – into judgment, into “reason”, into trying to have all make sense.  God is of the highest creative order and is beyond your current reasoning ability.  To connect, to know, to understand is to live from the heart.  You must quiet the chatter of the outside stimuli and move into the space of your “withinness” – the door to the kingdom of the Most High.  It takes your time, your diligence, your discipline, your effort.  You have the key yourself to the Kingdom of love, peace and joy.

734287_10200181983423320_1779253899_nYou stand on the threshold of the New Golden Age emerging NOW within each and every heart.  It is a vibration.  A Frequency.  Tune away from the distractions of that which man has created in his path of lesson away from the truth and step into the emerging reality of the Truth of thy Creator’s Work and Blessing.  All beings are feeling the shifts in the mind, in the heart and in the body.  Resistance, denial, reasoning only keep you separate for that which is happening is larger than Life itself!  It is LIFE revealing itself as consciousness, as electronic Light shifting itself back into Grand Order.  You each have a choice. This is the path and the grace of the human pattern, the will.  To choose.  Put your faith into that which created you.  Fear not of anything.  There is nothing to lose as no one owns anything, yet we each are a part of the Whole of everything.

I AM with you Always and I AM with you now as you discover and remember ME.  I AM that which is you.  I AM love.  I AM creation.  I AM Truth in Light.  I AM real and emerging back into your consciousness, into your reality after you have been in a place of purposeful and willing service of unknowingness of these things I speak of.

Each of you My children, My Creation.  It is time you come Home out of the dark, the limits, the pains, the illusions.  Trust in My Word, in My Light, in My Love.  Find me in your Heart of that which I AM.

We are merging into One Realization of the Truth that Love is All there Is.  I Call you Holy.  I know you as Holy.  For you are that which is love expressed.  And so it is, dear Children of MY Light.

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