Truth in Light – From the Heart of God and Company of Heaven to all in this NOW moment

heeartinhandsWe say in this moment, in this NOW time of your Earth, that what is taking place…not just with this act of unlove, but in many structures of your ways of living – govt, politics, finance, education, health, trade, medicine, food, shelter, water….are all rooted in mistruths and deceptions. You will soon find out much of this in ways that are undeniable. Be prepared. For it is NOT what you think or or are told or lead to believe. It is not another culture, another religion, another country…it is individuals with an agenda of control, hate, greed and lack of Gods Light.

We step forward in this moment to begin a path of Truth in Light. You will see more from this Light as another new stream of Love and Light come into this planet for final phases of awakening mankind to the truth of your origin and the truth of the Laws of thy Loving God. It is a road we all will walk together.

In this moment we ask all to simply love and do ones best to know that love does heal and balance everything. To pray for peace and harmony. To do your due diligence of meditation, prayer, blessing and forgiveness for your self and for ALL. No one can be excluded as no one is not of God. Remembrance of this is coming forth in ways that your “religions” have distorted. No one is better or less than another. So love all. Let’s heal this act of fear and lack of love with love. For it is a distraction of the unfolding truth that is being feared by those very ones they create these acts of unlove and harm to fellow beings. Again, what will be said about it will not be truth, yet very shortly, you will find out the real truth of this act and of others and then a Truth picture of mans reality and purpose will begin to appear.

Dear Beloved Ones, I AM returning to the everyday awareness of all beings on Gaia and into your hearts. Seek me not elsewhere for I will first appear in your heart. When you recognize this for your own Self, then you will see ME in all things. This is true from the beginning and is true now. Your planet is coming out of darkness and will shift from what you still experience and define yourself as separate from ME and this is not so. Your Bodies, your minds, your consciousnesses and hearts are shifting…..back to truth and love.

Be in love dear ones. Choose. Make the choice to be part of the healing of your planet and restoration back to a collective body of love. Strength, courage and love be to all.

I AM THAT I AM. And so it is beloved children of my Light.

Share appropriately and with integrity.


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