Truth in Light – Now it is the time for seeds to blossom

All hearts are opening ever wider to receive the Christed light of the One of the resurrection of the Christ is moving swiftly throughout your planet.

207399_574492059242383_493805328_nMuch happens again in short order, a succession of events is on the verge of occurring, and we again say be  prepared,  It is coming quicker than WE ourselves had hoped for!

All those had stood in the way are now bowing down surprisingly yet appropriately.  We do say it is time to prepare your heart, prepare your space, prepare your readiness of holding the Light moving forward.

Have no doubt. Have no fear.  Again, you each have been tested as many have, about holding the peace in the chaos and in many spaces, within and without, holding the peace of mind, the Lighted aspect of your higher aspects, of your “I AM” presence, of the spark of the truth of who you are in the midst of the illusion.

The illusion is about to begin another level of decline and disintegration.  It is agreed on all levels and we must now transpire is the physical aspects of soul agreements, the higher Light taking deeper and permanent residency within all the cells of man.  It has the new earth templates as the 5th dimensionality becomes further populated within the pieces of parts of each of you as you live more in those loving realms and compassionate realms than in the dogma. Many who are still caught in complete unawareness will be surprised yet you are reaching critical mass.  And that is all you have been waiting for.  That is all you have been waiting for is that critical tipping point, where the natural law will take over in obvious ways for all to see.  It is a natural process for the next segment to shift reality, to shift experience, to shift the societal ways of contribution to the Light as opposed to the dark must now occur.  Those chains must be removed from man for you to progress accordingly in the time frame that God sets.  It is a time for planting, a time for seeding, a time for nurturing, a time for growth, a time for blossoming and for harvesting.

Each come from different root races and different track records if you will, however, so that have appropriate Springtime growth and to meet the grand awareness awakening that is planned for all to be at the same place at some point, because there is a finality.  And from that threshold EVERYTHING thing begins a new.

Now it is the time for seeds to blossom (awaken) and harvest (ascend). All of these activities will move you into full awakening stages propagating the Light, seeding the Light, sharing the Light, working with the Light instead of going through the filter of illusion, of dissecting it, of seeing everything in a fuzzy haze and in doubt, in discontent, and worry and concern, that no longer is serving anyone.

There will be a little more treacherous time we say, what that is is all beings still cleansing for those that can not.  There are many experiences of energies that are left on the table, on the plate we say to be served and transmuted and each of you are doing it with grand speed and efficacy.  We hold all in the holy light of God, holy Light of God, holy Light of God,  holy Light of God, holy Light of God. Love abounds.  And so it is.

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