Truth just is. It is not a choice.

An “understanding” of truth, of purity – a meter, like our heart, when used, can not deny that which is universal law and that which is distorted.

When we are present with “choices” or “options” and ALL are NOT TRUTH, what is one to do? Truth is not a choice, it JUST IS.

14908328_10211362408644851_1231479680478516691_nCertainly no “choice” is to be made for this is not one present. It is not to take the less than of the two for there are MORE choices ALWAYS than what is “perceived” to be. There are NO LIMITS. Stepping outside to a HIGHER way of being, an expanded place of alternatives, UPGRADE options that DO resonate in the vibrations and frequencies of TRUTH that when met, no one can deny.

Truth is only to be integratable, not debatable.

Society, people, minds have been

programmed, hypnotized, fear-ized to be limited, subservient and place in situations of self vs self. This is NOT truth, nor of any place to bring, foster, access, achieve – truth, unity, solutions, higher understanding, cooperation, collaboration, expansion, positive growth.

A new SYSTEM consisting of heart felt and like hearted/minded directed beings that are GUARDIANS for HUMANITY as a whole for the assurity of honor, equality, sacredness, openness, free flow, bounty, quality, fairness, for all people until ALL people can rid them selves of distortion that fostered and ingrained less than values, morals and a return to inner Source Connection.  Our sovereignty is being challenged.

We first ALL must go within and CONNECT to our HEART Consciousness. Upgrade our values and remove self from dumbing down and insulting practices, behaviors and options and RAISE our self back into our truths. We must practice emotional healing, reflection, maturity. WE must LOVE ourselves and ALL and RETURN and allow ourselves to EVOLVE and GROW -EXPAND into increasing levels of awareness. Seeing more, FEELING more and SENSING more. And Treating EVERYONE and EVERYTHING as the PRECIOUS Creation it is!

Chose to speak upon that outside of the system. it is a REVOLUTION of Consciousness and one that now, AMERICANS may stand to NOT play the game any longer and go beyond feeling FORCED to choose from less standards and CHOSE a NEW PATH ENTIRELY. The VOICE of the PEOPLE TOGETHER must speak APPROPRIATELY from the HEART without Selfish agenda and for the GOOD OF ALL.

NOW is the time. And EVERYDAY is the TIME. NOTHING IS SET. NOTHING IS PERMANENT. THANK GOD we have ENDLESS OPTIONS and CHOICES that if ONLY ones will gather in purity and truth, will overcome that which is clearly a FALSE system serving only those behind the scenes for horrific selfish means. This is always choices, options and diversity in community to bring forth the brilliance within to create, establish and return to truth, liberty and freedom to all. THIS IS OUR INHERENT GOD RIGHT.

and so it is.
Renée Snider


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